My favourite 2017 outfits

This is the kind of post that typically gets published around the end of last, or the beginning of the current year. So with quite the delay, here’s a roundup of my own favourite 2017 looks!

The choosing process took a lot less time than I had expected: I just scrolled through my blog and intuitionally picked out looks that I’d wear again right now, in a heartbeat. Things that I see recurring in most outfits are camel/nude, dark blue, denim, oversized pieces, comfortable flat shoes and a clean, but laid-back vibe. And that exactly suits my current fave type of dressing, so more to come of this in 2018!

Let’s have a look, shall we?

January / find this look here

March / find this look here

April / find these looks here and here

June / find these looks here and here

July / find this look here

August / find these looks here and here

September / find this look here

October / find these looks here and here and here

November / find this look here

December / find this look here

So, what’s your favourite outfit of 2017? Is it listed here, or do you fancy another one? Let me know in the comments!