Hi guys! Yesterday evening my boyfriend arrived at the wonderful Côte d'Azur for a well-deserved two week holiday. His family stays here every year and right after his DJ gig at Tomorrowland we jumped into the car to join them. The internet connection seems to be faster than expected, so I'm definitely planning to share my outfits with you. Priority number one stays of course relaxing, drinking wine and getting a proper tan! Let's get started with it right away! Speak to you soon x



H&M hat & bag ⎪ BIRKENSTOCK slippers ⎪ CELINE sunglasses

Hi guys! Quite the opposite of my last post here, right? Today I want to tell you about the wonderful hot temperatures and the chance to finally wear Hush, one of my new favourite brands. Hush is a UK-based luxury lounge brand that creates pieces for women that want to look elegant but want to feel comfortable at the same time. Sounds a lot like moi! Besides daywear Hush also offers nightwear (epic dressing gowns and the prettiest grown-up pyjamas I've seen in a long time!), jewellery, footwear and the so-called 'treats'. Because sipping from a Teapigs Tea and reading a romantic novel kind of helps you feeling comfy!

I'm wearing a knit tee and a loose pair of shorts, which can easily top my trusty sweatsuit in level of comfort and definitely prettiness. I cannot wait for their autumn collection to arrive! Think of all the chunky knits, thin cashmere longsleeves and hopefully also wool beanies and scarves to come... I have included more pictures from the webshop right below, including a gorgeous striped sweater, a few perfect little black dresses and some real cool boyfriend jeans. Prettiness of course doesn't come for free, but the prices are very reasonable if you want to invest in a great basic wardrobe! Yes, I know it sounds like I was paid to say all these positive things, but in reality the sweet Hush people just sent me a few pieces over to review them. Guess this has been a outstanding positive experience!  Oh, and as you can see I caved for another pair of Birks. I have been wearing my leopard ones so much already and decided to try out the famous black Arizona ones as well. They were instantly glued to my feet and are currently my number one footwear for my holiday next week... Now, what do you think of the outfit and of Hush? Had you heard of it before?

Photos by Wriemis
Editing by me



OASAP jacket ⎪ C&A c/o lace top ⎪ H&M cashmere scarf ⎪ GAP hat
DIESEL skinzee jeans ⎪ NIKE sneakers ⎪ BALENCIAGA bag

Soooo, I'm writing an entire article about What To Wear When It Rains while sheltering from the sun and sipping from an ice cold coconut water. Yes, before I even got the chance to nag about the horrible July weather, it has taken another unexpected turn! Hi summer! But since we all know hot temperatures often come with thunderstorms, we better be prepared for some more rain at the end of the week. And this outfit is an excellent example of a regular rain uniform of mine. The parka/trenchcoat/raincoat is of course an essential piece, next to water-resistent shoes and something that protects your hair from exploding into a frizz ball. Since I've already had some questions on how to look fabulouz when it rains, I have gathered some more anti-rain inspiration right below, both for chilly weather as for a bit warmer temperatures. And please do confirm, how gorgeous are that felt hat, that short VILA trenchcoat and that Whistles dress? I feel like fighting the rain together with these friends and live happily ever after! How do you like to dress up when it's storming outside? Do you go along with the grey weather or are you trying to spice things up?

VILA parka ⎪ MANGO jeans ⎪ MONKI boots ⎪ VANS backpack ⎪  FULTON umbrella

ASOS dress ⎪ CATARZI hat ⎪ ASOS boots ⎪ VILA trenchoat ⎪ NEW LOOK umbrella

ASOS wellies ASOS sunglasses MONKI bag SWATCH candy watch ASOS rain coat WHISTLES dress



My style has been evolving a lot towards a sporty, slightly minimalistic look and so far I've managed to keep this look through winter and spring. But in summer, somehow my style radar gets confused and I always feel like I dressed up looking like a tourist. While shopping I get distracted by loads of colours, happy prints and most definitely the boho inspired pieces. Think white lace frocks, broderie details, slouchy western boots and wide floppy hats! Let's just say I usually transform into a Coachella-copy chick (minus the flower crown) when it starts to get hot outside. Nothing wrong with that, but I would like to see myself continuing that minimalistic and edgy look in my summer wardrobe for once. California-toned-down-something?

Here's a bunch of inspiration on what I would love to wear when strolling around in the Côte d'Azur next week! I've already started thinking about what to pack for this two week holiday and so far my list is pretty HUGE. I definitely have more summer outfit options than I realized and it's hard to part from them considering that these two weeks will probably be the only chance of wearing them this summer... I've added loads of ripped denim, white shirts, loose dresses and comfortable pool slides to my list, but what more should I bring? What is your to-go holiday piece that you can re-use endlessly? And what about dressing up nice for dinner (something I usually miserably fail to do)? I can't wait to read your packing tips!



Long time no see, guys! After that super tiring but extremely FUN weekend at Rock Werchter I decided to have some more Out Of Office Time for myself and the boyfriend. Plus, the weather has been really crap so I couldn't even go outside to shoot a new outfit. I did go outside to do my bi-annual COS' sales section visit! These two basic but gorgeous jumpers came home with me at an irresistible 50% off. COS is most definitely my favourite store for knits: the quality is pretty impeccable and although everything looks quite basic, there are always some special details or extraordinary materials used. Oh, and oversized, always oversized. The peach knit will be a dear friend for chilly summer nights, while the black one will serve me well when autumn kicks in in a few months. Yup, happy knit-collector over here! Have you scored some sale items already or did you give in to those appealing new collection pieces?
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