17 april 2014


ADIDAS sneakers via Omoda

Girls from all over Fashion Land are trading their beloved high heels for a comfy pair of sneakers, and I cannot help but celebrate! My style is known for being comfy, casual and relaxed so sneakers are an important part of my daily outfit choices. The Nike Air Max hype is barely over and suddenly another sneaker brand grabbed everyone's attention; I'm talking about Adidas! My boyfriend owns several pairs of Adidas sneakers and although I regularly steal them (we have the same shoe size!), it never occurred to me to actually feature them in an outfit post here on Polienne. In my last post I finally did, and after shooting these pictures I desperately wanted a pair of my own. I'm still eying the famous Superstar's or maybe the Stan Smith's you're probably tired of already, but in the mean time I could get my hands on these very cool high-tops with a feminine touch. They have light pink and silver accents (polkadots!), which makes them the perfect shoes to wear with my pastel looks. I ordered them at Dutch webshop Omoda last week and only two days later they were waiting for me on my doorstep. As it goes with new stuff, they haven't exactly left my feet in the last couple of days. I genuinely hope that you're as excited as I am, because you'll see them a lot around here during the following spring months! Have a wonderful Thursday!

Photos by Wriemis
Editing by me

15 april 2014


VILA c/o cardigan ⎪ VERO MODA wonder jeggings ⎪ H&M shirt + cashmere scarf
RIB & HULL c/o bag ⎪ CELINE sunglasses ⎪ ADIDAS sneakers (from the boyfriend)

I've been trying to catch these pink bastards on outfit pics for YEARS now and it seems like this year I finally managed to! Of course it's not Kungsträdgården in Stockholm (look! oh!), but we're definitely getting there. Every year I start getting excited at the end of March because I'm trying to compose the perfect pastel outfit, find the perfect spot and wait for the perfect sunny day. So this is the end result of 2014! 

With my short hair I find it hard to dress up cute and tend to go for more tomboy outfits. On this particular day I wanted to embrace the annual pastel explosion so I wore a nude shirt and a LOVELY fluffy cardigan by Vila that is available in August (previewz!). To counter the cuteness I stole my boyfriend's Adidas sneakers that are half a size too small but too cool to not take advantage of them. What do you think about the Adidas trend going on? I usually don't immediately jump on upcoming trends, but I have to admit that I just acquired my own, more girly pair last week so I will show you them soon! Allright gals, I hope you all have a wonderful week and talk to you soon! 

Photos by Marijs
Editing by me

12 april 2014


COS jumper ⎪ VERO MODA wonder jeggings ⎪ MONKI hat
STEVE MADDEN boots ⎪ CHLOE bag ⎪ CELINE sunglasses

Here they are - the very last photos from my ski trip to Pragelato! It's sad that this is my last post already, since editing the photos and writing about those wonderful three days in the mountains definitely helped forgetting about reality (hi, university). So here's one last look at the good life before (blogging) life continues in good old Antwerp! Now, can you believe me when I tell you this outfit was actually too hot? Spring brought along loads of sunshine in Italy and we could easily walk around in a tee and jeans at some point. Nothing better than tanning in the snow while sipping from those horrible Spritz-drinks. And that's exactly what we did, after we took the cabin lift up to the slopes and dropped ourselves in some sun chairs at the nearby Chalet Raggio di Sole, which means something with SUN. Despite the half-naked tanning wrinkly men (one way ticket to Benidorm please), I found this place a dream to photograph! Look at that blue sky and the beautiful sunlight! And look at that darn fresh white snow! I seriously regret not making a snow angel in this delightful, alluring powder (although I really tried my best to create an air angel, as you can see). Let's put that on top of my to-do list for winter 2014-2015. 

Photos by Kim
Editing by me

10 april 2014


GOLDIE LONDON knit ⎪ NEW LOOK belt ⎪ ZARA denim

Yo peoplez! These are my first proper hat-less pictures with my new hair and I feel like I should be permanently living on a surfboard in California. (I hate water though - gotta work on that first.) Curling my locks (for the first time ever the volume STAYS FOR HOURS) and adding beach texturizer gives them that fun, wild and casual beach-touch that I've been dreaming of for so long. I'm over the moon with my new do, but it does make me feel a bit different. Weirdly enough, I think I look more grown-up and younger at the same time. Does that make sense? Also, my entire wardrobe feels different now. It's much easier to pull of a very minimalistic look with this statement hair and I tend to leave my statement pieces on their hangers. A more preppy outfit like this looks quite 'old' with my new hair, so I'm basically living in boyfriend jeans and sneakers nowadays. Colour-wise I'm adjusting as well: black feels a bit harsh, while soft and pastel colours look lovely. Looks like spring came right in time!

I felt like my new look deserved some new clothes, so I teamed up with Zalando to test their improved online service! What's better than clicking some beauties in your online basket and quietly trying them on at home? Known for their super quick and free delivery, Zalando upgraded their (also free) return policy as well. Instead of 30 you have now a dazzling 100 days to contemplate your purchase, pair the items with your existing wardrobe and call your mother for advise. The huge advantage here is that you can order "risky" items like shoes and jeans in different sizes so you can keep the perfect fit and send the other size back. I picked out three full outfits and photographed them in my own sweet apartment to figure out what piece would stay with me permanently. I ordered this bunch of prettiness a few weeks ago and am actually still doubting about what to keep! Just kidding, that Michael Kors bag would be a total win for my closet. Now, for more information on the new return policy, just check the commercial right here. Happy shopping!

MINT&BERRY white dress ⎪ AALM cowboy boots 
ESPRIT blue shirt ⎪ EVEN&ODD printed scarf ⎪ MICHAEL KORS bag 
EVEN&ODD leopard dress ⎪ ZIGN leopard sunglasses ⎪ TAMARIS black sandals

Editing by me

07 april 2014


After hours of sorting out and editing pictures of the trip, I can finally present you a very extensive photo diary of my Club Med x Brussels Airlines Fly & Ski experience to Pragelato (Vialattea) last week! What is this Fly & Ski basically about? The two companies teamed up to create the ideal luxurious ski package that includes flights, transfers, ski pass, food, drinks, family entertainment and so on! Sounds like a dream, right?


The journey started off very relaxed with a quick check-in at the B-flex desk of Brussels Airlines and the advantage of using the priority lane at security point. What's really cool as well, is that you can bring your own ski gear on the plane for free! After checking out the new Victoria's Secret store, we continued our airport adventure at the Brussels Airlines business lounge. All passengers who travel with the Fly & Ski package are welcome to relax here before their flight. Time flied (fun, you know) and in less than two hours Brussels Airlines brought us to Turin Airport. The Club Med team welcomed us along with the other holiday-goers and drove us to the village in about 1,5 hours. Kim and I were obviously excited!


The next morning we discovered the enormous breakfast buffet with fresh fruits, pancakes ànd crêpes (!), loads of muesli (with the choice between 0%, 20% or full yoghurt), warm and savory dishes, a dozen ways of having your eggs, several juices and a sweetness overload. My heart starts beating about two rates faster when even thinking about this breakfast heaven! I wish I could eat this all day. 


Next up: exploring the village! As I've told you before the rooms are situated in clusters of different chalets, which creates a very homy atmosphere while walking around. The reception, 3 restaurants and 2 bars are located at the heart of the village and can be reached by foot or by golf car (there are even small "bus" stops, seriously!). The ski rooms are also very cleverly situated next to the bar! 

Pragelato is located at an altitude of 1600m and since we went in early spring, most of the snow in the village was already gone. Still, the cozy vibes of the room interiors made me dream of celebrating Christmas in this lovely piece of winter paradise. Think of loads of wood, soft purple colours, tartan, natural materials and fun accents such as deer prints! I'd say that the overall feel of the interiors is luxurious, charmy and intimate. 


This was my first (and only) snow of the year so I obviously had to take the lift up to the mountains on our first day to jump around! This cabin lift takes you straight from the village to the slopes and you can easily ski back on a beautiful blue piste. There's a small bar close to the lift so we took the opportunity to extensively chill in the sun. Laughing, tanning, drinking... You know the drill! But, there is a time for play and there unfortunately also a time for work. Kim and I had a lot of shooting to do, and one of the results you've already seen here. Another outfit will be online soon! 


Now we're getting to the real deal. Your ski gear is stocked in the very comfortable ski rooms located very close to the children's ski rooms (so cute!), the après-ski bar and the large ski lift. After the cabin has taken you up to the slopes, you can finally start your ski adventure! Upon arrival at 9AM we were surprised by Batman dj-ing and other superheroes offering us Jägermeister shots. An adventure, I told you so. 

Club Med provides daily ski groups from level 1 (beginner) to level 6 (very advanced) that you can join. This way you don't have to worry about getting lost in the 400 km (!) slopes available for you, plus you get to ski together with others on the same level. Your ski monitor knows every lift, every piste and their exact snow condition so you're always at the right place on the right time. I joined level 5 and had to ski like my life depended on it (so faaaast!), but really enjoyed my monitor's technical advice. At noon he/she takes you to the modern Club Med chalet that is reserved for (and included in the all-in package) their customers' lunch. I had a delicious salad and a bunch of carbs for lunch, after which I almost fell asleep in one of the sun chairs. Yup, the good life...

The pistes were incredible! They're all very broad and in great condition. Since the Winter Olympic Games were held in Vialattea in 2006 (Pragelato is a former olympic village) there are still some olympic pistes left. These ones in particular were an absolute dream for every skier/boarder. I was quite surprised by the snow quality at this time of the year as well; I had expected way more slush. It was also astonishingly calm on the slopes: no queues and only few people, basically. Winter sports heaven, let me tell you!


What's more important than a nice little après-ski? After an intense day of skiing we were welcomed by lots of little stands that offered hot dogs, pancakes, pizza's, candy and of course alcohol! No vulgar, drunk razzle-dazzle, but classily and pleasantly enjoying delicious bites and loads of sunshine after a long day of sports. And for your information: classy doesn't mean boring! There are several show acts and feasts throughout the week and the G.O.'s (Gentil Organisateurs, or the monitors) don't mind a little party either. 


Beauty-lovers and anyone who loves to get pampered once in a while; attention! The Club Med Pragelato spa is pretty amazing. Next to a gorgeous inside and outside pool, a sauna, a Finnish sauna, a Turkish bath, a hair care salon and a gym with group classes, they have a large wellness centre that offers dozens of beauty treatments and massages. 

We were invited to try out the spa with our own ...eh, bodies, and I went for the "Bulle de Relaxation". I quote: "Modelage relaxant du visage, cou, décolleté, épaules et bras pour procurer une détente immédiate." I translate: a wonderful face and upper body massage that almost got me sleeping and had my face moisturized. The massages are rather pricy but are definitely worth their money to relax after a long day on the slopes. Not to speak of the soft bathrobes and slippers you get to wear. Celebrity feelings guaranteed! 


Winter holidays are not only about hitting the slopes, they're also about eating LOADS of unnecessary food. The Club village has 3 different restaurants: a buffet restaurant, a more fancy one with mountain specialities (raclette, fondue, etc) and a trattoria with Italian traits. The buffet was quite impressive: they offer different dishes every day and create fresh plates à la minute. Don't even get me started about the desserts.


I'll conclude this post with a little note on the bar! As said before, there are several show acts and parties throughout the week and we had the honor of watching our G.O.'s and masseuses giving their best shot at burlesque dancing. After this warming up we ordered a bit too many gin tonics (all-in, you know) and started a hell of a party! Ever seen a huge company's Vice President Sales breakdancing on the dance floor? I won't be not name-dropping here, but what a talent.


If I had to generally give my opinion on this Fly & Ski package, I'd say that it is probably one of the best ways to enjoy your winter holidays. It is definitely pricy (find all the rates here) but if you're a true winter sports lover, your money is well spent. The location, the journey, the enthusiasm, the ski area, the service, the food, the relaxation, the children's care, the little details, the alacrity and the fun: everything was literally perfect. 

After three days that flew by way too fast, we had to say goodbye. We took this fun group photo to remember one of the best press trips ever! I'd like to thank Club Med, Hadi, Brussels Airlines, Frederic, Unlimited PR, Wendy, Kim and Karin for inviting me and giving me so much snow fun! I'm saving up for next year already...  

Photos by me, Kim, Bieke & Club Med Pragelato