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MICHAEL KORS faux fur ∙ ZARA cashmere knit ∙ AMERICAN VINTAGE c/o leather jacket ∙ LN BEANIES c/o beanie
TALLY WEIJL denim ∙ COS scarf ∙ RABEANCO c/o bag ∙ COMPTOIR DES COTONNIERS c/o snowboots

Hey guys! Today it's time for a look I accidentally completely forgot about! But since it started snowing again yesterday it seemed very appropriate to share the photos with you now. This airport outfit was shot just before checking in for Val Thorens with Club Med (check my previous posts from the snow trip here, here and here!). It was quite cold outside but since off duty shopping at the airport is quite an intense activity, I went for loads of layering. I started off with a cashmere knit, which is pretty much the best thing to wear on a plane because it keeps you warm without getting you all sweaty (acrylic, ew)! Over the cashmere knit I wore my beloved American Vintage leather jacket that is currently 50% off. Go check it out, seriously! I topped it off with my Michael Kors faux fur that I've had for quite some years now. This friend always comes in handy during winter! I wore my scarf, beanie and snow boots to face a massive snow overload in Switzerland/France (in the end there was no snow to be seen upon arrival but hey, I was prepared!)

Ok guys, the gym is now waiting for me! My gym game has been pretty strong lately, especially since I got a brand new outfit from Nike! That always helps, right? ;-) Would you be interested in some snaps of my gym wear? Anyway, afterwards I'm expected at my parents for brunch; they have just returned from their ski holidays (jealoussss) and I'm looking forward to catch up with their adventures. See you soon!



Exciting interior news coming up guys! After my boyfriend and I redid our living room and kitchen last year, it is now finally time to deal with our plain boring bedroom. There's basically a bed, two night stands, two sideboards, an open closet and a whole lotta empty white walls in it. The boringness of it all (let's call it "minimalism") is however not what bothers me the most: it is my ever expanding wardrobe that is not fitting my closets anymore! Solution? Get my priorities straight and... get extremely creative with my limited amount of storage! :-)

For this really fun project I have a very exciting guest to present you: say hello to IKEA! Yup, my favourite Swedish friends are going to help me optimizing my space in order to reorganize, declutter and get optimal use out of every damn centimeter in the room. First thing on the to do-list: list simple and affordable tricks to store clothes, shoes and books! I thought it would be fun and useful to share these little tricks with you, so heeeere we go:

Use your walls

If you're limited in square meters like me, make sure you don't forget to use your walls to exhibit your favourite pieces! Shelves or DIY-ed wine crates make for perfect storage opportunities, and not just for a few pretty photo frames. Think books, jewellery, plants, wine glasses or even shoes. A cool idea is to glue some beautiful wallpaper inside! Looks really really pretty. Another wall solution is a simple wall mounted coatrack that does not only offers extra space for your coats, it can easily hold hats, scarves and necklaces as well. Lastly, a simple nail can be very convenient when you want to hang your next day outfit in sight already (on a clothing hanger, obv). Getting inspired yet?

Curtains are your best friends

Yesss, here's a favourite of mine! When I grow up, I'd love to live in a large loft so I can simply divide my rooms by curtains and closets. Yes mom, I know that they attract dust by the kilo BUT oh the cozy! And they ingeniously hide ALL of your clutter. I'm also a huge fan how IKEA managed to create a desk in the bedroom of the last picture that you can completely separate or use in a very open way. This is probably the best idea ever when you don't have an extra wall left to place your desk to! Now, which curtain(s) to pick? I personally love the neutral colours in these examples, especially when they match the walls. A sheer curtain will still let through a lot of day light, which can be easy when you don't have too many windows. A heavier version however is perfect to protect your clothes from daylight and wear!

1. Decor8 2. IKEA catalogue 3. My Scandinavian Home 4. IKEA catalogue

Extra storage = extra seating space

This little trick here is especially useful when you really need to cramp all of your stuff into a smaller home, studio or student room. Just create your sofa or dining chairs on top of a low closet! I realize it may not be the most comfy seat you've ever had, but when you're in need of some extra seats this might be very handy. Another fun idea is to use those really cool trunks! These things are so massive I would probably lose about 5 pairs of shoes in them. And how much extra character add they to a basic room? Yup, if I would just have some extra centimeters left...

1. IKEA catalogue 2. Home Inspiration Design 3. Olsson & Gerthel 4. IKEA catalogue

Integrate your closet and bed

Why not share your favourite place on earth: your bed? There's plenty of room for your books, shoes or towels as well! Build your own Dexter's Laboratory by turning your bed into the perfect secret hideaway place; you'll be surprised how much stuff you can actually store away in your bed. Think of shelves or boxes underneath your bed, secret nooks in your headboard or actually building your closet over or around your bed. So clever!

1. Apartment Therapy 2. Designspiration 3. Pallets 4. IKEA catalogue

Boxes, boxes, boxes

Okay, this one might be slightly obvious. But since I'm sick and tired of having everything displayed in my open closet, I have a huge crave to throw every damn thing in a box so everything looks neat, minimalistic and organized. The problem I usually have with boxes, is that I entirely lose track of what is actually in it. Which leaves me with more trash. But then I stumbled upon Christina's amazing closet (picture top right), with her shoes stored in boxes on top of it. These boxes all have pictures with the pair of shoes in it, so she can easily find the pair she wants to wear. How did I never think of that?! You can do it with anything basically. Just take a cute polaroid or write a little note about the content of your box and tadaaa, organizing problems solved!

1. IKEA catalogue 2. Passions For Fashion 3. StyleCaster 4. A Bowl Full of Lemons 5. AD Design File

Now, time to reveal YOUR secrets: what's your ultimate storage tip for me? I need to know guys!

This post was written in collaboration with Ikea! <3



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ZARA faux fur stole ∙ AMERICAN VINTAGE cashmere knit ∙ H&M TREND shirt ∙ LOBOGATO c/o earring
TALLY WEIJL c/o denim ∙ NIKE sneakers and REBECCA MINKOFF bag via Zalando ∙ & OTHER STORIES jewelry

Hi friends! I'm so happy to be blogging again after my exams and have the time to do extensive outfit shooting, content planning and writing. Also: like I wrote in my last post it's awesome to be actually wearing clothes again. So for my latest outfit I might have done some extra effort in the art of layering and colour picking! I was especially thrilled to wear my new H&M Trend shirt that I picked up in sale for €7 instead of €50. Woah. I had been luring at it for months but couldn't really spend the money on what seemed to be "a whim". After all it turned out not to be a whim at all, so I was SO happy to bump into it in sale that I settled with a size 42. Oversized is always good, right? I already have so many combinations in mind and I can't wait to pack it for my trip to Marrakech too!

Aight, I'm off to prepare some real cool projects and edit more outfit photos. Hope you're having a great Monday!

Photos by Dogs & Dresses
Editing by me



Pretty phone covers apparently don't grow on trees. Ever since I got my beloved iPhone 6 back in September (!) I have been looking for a pretty case but it seemed impossible to find one (let alone a pretty one) for this new model. I settled for a mwah-one just to be safe, so you can imagine how happy I was when UK brand Iconemesis emailed me! One glimpse at the webshop was enough to have me crave one. The cool thing is that Iconemesis works with a bunch of promising illustrators and graphic designers to ensure that every case is a little unique piece of art. Next to some really impressive pop art designs and a lot of Fifi Lapin, they also offer this absolutely stunning feather print case. Don't you love it? It's currently on sale so grab your chance if you love it too! Have a great Sunday! 



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ZARA cashmere sweater ∙ VINTAGE shorts ∙ PINKO c/o coat ∙ LIKEMARY c/o scarf
H&M belt ∙ CONVERSE sneakers ∙ MICHAEL KORS c/o bag via Zalando

...usually results in a look like this! It might be not very inspiring, but that's how I currently feel! I've been living in sweatpants for three weeks straight and now that my exams are finally over (since yesterday!) I'm a bit confused about actually wearing clothes. Also: social conversation. I went to a small event yesterday and felt SO awkward having actual small talks with actual people and being back in actual society! I guess I still have to adapt to the non-study-cave life where people do most definitely notice when you haven't washed your hair in over ten days.

Anywayyy, I think I'm gonna take another extra long nap to recover from yesterday's exam, and let's hope my next story will make a lot more sense! Have a great weekend everyone!

Photos by Elien Migalski
Editing by me
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