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H&M knit ∙ VILA c/o parka ∙ AMERICAN VINTAGE c/o cashmere men's scarf 
HUDSON c/o skinny jeans ∙ RIB&HULL c/o leather bag ∙ STEVE MADDEN biker boots

Tis the season to be layering! My dark grey knit, a camel touch (happy you loved it too yesterday!), black leather accessories, some cashmere and my half bun are everything I seem to need lately to compile a well-balanced outfit. Besides wanting to stick to my favourites there's another reason for recycling this outfit idea (same same but different?). My days are spent at the library nowadays since exams are coming closer, unexpected paper deadlines are emerging and well, I need to get some credibility being a literature student! Obviously I want to be comfy but study in style at the same time. At home I usually don't wash my hair for days weeks and wear ugly fleece jogging suits all day, but when studying at the library I need to compete with those always impeccable looking law girls. #studentproblems, you know. Luckily my current style happens to be extremely convenient in the morning! As I said: my dark grey knit, a camel touch, black leather accessories, some cashmere and my half bun are everything I seem to need lately. Happy Thursday!

Photos by Dogs & Dresses
Editing by me



AMERICAN VINTAGE c/o cashmere men's scarf

Cashmere, a search term on my blog that will give you over three pages of results. It's sort of clear in what material I prefer wrapping myself, right? I wish I could sleep, work out, clean, swim and go to class wearing nothing but cashmere, but that would unfortunately mean the end of my bank account. Luckily there's one piece that I can carry almost everywhere to satisfy my cashmere cravings: a scarf. Somehow the grass is always greener on the other side, because cashmere men's scarves are bigger, have a boxier fit and a cleaner cut. I have spend many nights dreaming about the Acne Canada scarf but I never really got my hands on it (even though I tried it on a couple of times). This American Vintage beauty is a damn fine alternative though! While the prices for the Acne scarf range between 130 and 350 euros, this cashmere cloud comes for a slightly cheaper 110 euros, while the quality is most definitely the same. What I really like about this one is the colour; something "off-camel" which is a beautiful soft shade that suits my wardrobe perfectly. Love at first sight, let me tell you! If you're loving the outfit, stay tuned for more pictures tomorrow morning x

Photo by Dogs & Dresses
Editing by me



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It's here! Yesterday I told you about the editorial I set up for my 5th blog birthday on the 30th of November. Part one has arrived already and it's all about minimalism, geometric lines and hard contrasts. This play with shadow and light turned out great with the minimalist styling and my messy hairdo (just how I like it, Sabine!). While in this editorial we mainly focused on atmosphere, part two will be all about fierce beauty. I noticed that you guys love a peek into my life as a model, so I hope that this addition to my blog can please you! Oh, and since Sabine and I are huge Muse fans, we obviously had to name this editorial after one of their famous songs. I'm looking forward to read your thoughts on this fun shoot!

Look 1: Max Mara black coat - Zara black top - Topshop black maxi skirt
Look 2: Primark fluffy coat - H&M hat - Stylist's own blanket
Look 3: Vintage fur collar - All Saints sweater
Look 4: H&M ribbed knit - Zara white denim - Nike sneakers

Photography by Jan & Jorre
Make-up and hair by Sabine Peeters
Styling by St├ęphanie Bosten



Long term readers may remember that November is a special month to me: on the 30th it's my blog birthday! This year my blog is turning 5, which actually quite surprised me. On one hand it feels like I've been doing this since for-ever (which is probably true, me being a screenager writing away on the world wide web) but on the other hand I've only recently started seeing Polienne as more than just a fun hobby. Especially 2014 has been a real special year for the blog, involving lovely business trips, exciting brand collaborations and extremely cool projects still to launch. My focus has been shifting from merely sharing fun stuff to really creating interesting content for you guys and my visitor numbers have been growing ever since, which is extremely rewarding!

Now, in order to celebrate this 5 year anniversary I wanted to do something fun and inventive that would bring together different aspects of my life. I didn't really see myself jumping around in front of the Eiffel tower at sunset holding 5 huge silver balloons, so instead I worked together with a creative team to create a cool editorial! Photographers Jan & Jorre, make-up artist Sabine Peeters, stylist St├ęphanie Bosten and I collected all of our individual inspiration and bundled it in a real cool moodboard. Surprisingly, we had so many great pics that we could even divide our shoot into two different editorials! Today it's time for a backstage sneak peek, but tomorrow the real deal will be online. Make sure to come back and check out our editorial from 7AM! Hope you're having a lovely Sunday in the meantime! x

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VILA knit ⎢ TOMMY HILFIGER c/o wool skirt ⎢ LIKEMARY c/o alpaca scarf
MASSIMO DUTTI coat ⎢ RIB&HULL c/o bag ⎢ STEVE MADDEN c/o ankle boots

Heyyaaa everyone! It was about time for me to put on a skirt again, before I turned into a pair of skinny leather pants myself. The same goes for my hair actually, you can tell what my favourite updo has been lately! This outfit and hairdo were shot last week during the Antwerp press days, where I got a sneak peek of the new SS15 collections. Some particular brands got me really excited, and I hope to show you more of them real soon on the blog! But guys, I must admit that I'm writing this after a super tiring day at university (literally drowning in reading work) so there won't be any profound thought sharing today. In fact, I'm going to call it a day and leave you with these pictures! Ciao!

Photos by Rooftop Antics
Editing by me
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