Playing a tourist in your own city is the perfect way to spend a bank holiday, don't you think? Lisa and I were wandering through the sunny streets of Antwerp and bumped into the Vlaeykensgang, the oldest medieval street of the entire city! Since we were captivated by the old, super cozy, almost South-French vibe (and since the tourist rate was surprisingly low!), we decided to pay a hommage to our home town and capture the street as an idyllic background for this summer outfit. Yep, make sure to pay this hotspot a visit whenever you're in Antwerp!

A quick note on the outfit then: I'm wearing two major favourites for the season to come! The DIY "shirt skirt" is something I never thought I could pull off, since I'm usually Mrs. Clumsy when it comes to knotting, tying or DIY-ing in general. My perfect solution is the readymade shirt skirt! So basically it's not a shirt; just a skirt looking like a shirt... This shit is getting confusing. Anyway, Gant did a pretty good job designing these in a realistic and flattering way! Next up are those ah-mazing What For slippers/creepers/flatform-things! They are awkward, lumpish, man-repelling and totally awesome. What do you think? Digging the outfit as well? (Hoping for those warm temperatures again as well?)
  IMG_0076IMG_0144 IMG_0103 IMG_0169


ZARA cashmere, GANT c/o shirt skirt, COACH bag
CELINE sunglasses, WHAT FOR c/o slippers

Photos by Lisa M., editing by me.




This "I woke up like this"-thing just reached a whole new level! 

Many of you have asked me on Instagram or Twitter about what mascara I have been using lately, but the truth is... None! Two weeks ago a friend asked me to get a lash treatment together. She sent me a pic of her lashes looking absolutely luscious, so I immediately agreed. Without really knowing anything about it, I soon got my first LVL Lash Treatment! Curious? I don't think I'm expertized enough in the field of beauty to tell you all about the technical aspects of this treatment sooo here's the fabulous Lisa Eldridge doing a super handy YouTube review!

Now, how did I experience my own treatment? I went to my friend's friend Sylvie De Boes, a make-up artist and beauty coach who has a really nice home studio at Sint Niklaas. Before starting the treatment, she immediately made us feel comfortable and explained how everything worked. You can see the treatment in practice in the video, and I only need to add that it mostly looks comfortable, but only the first few minutes feel uneasy. The hardest part for me was just having to close my eyes for about 30min when my friend was taking ugly snapchats of me. In other words: no biggie!

The practical side:

  • You get a stunning lift, length, thickness and volume with your own natural lashes.
  • The lift lasts for about 6-8 weeks, and often longer depending on the stubbornness your lashes. 
  • It takes about 45 minutes from arriving to departing again, so no need to take an entire afternoon off! 
  • You can choose between 3 different curling 'levels' (due to my very straight lashes I chose the small option, which is the most curled one meant for straight and short lashes).
  • This is a zero-maintenance treatment: you do actually (almost) wake up like this
  • Sylvie's price is €79 per session, but her summer special means that you only have to pay €59 per person if there are two of you! I'd say grab your mom/sis/friend and both look fabulous!

And finally, the results:

How CRAZY does that look! These photos were taken a few minutes before the treatment and the day after. Now, the first pic in this post and the one below were taken this weekend, almost two weeks after the treatment. You see that my lashes are still very much curled, coloured and present in general. I have received LOADS of compliments already, while I have stopped wearing any make-up at all. On the first picture of the post I'm only wearing a bit of lipgloss!


Digging a treatment as well? Visit Sylvie's website or just google LVL Lash Treatment for a beauty center near you!

This is not a sponsored post - I am simply AMAZED by the results and was happy to share them with you! 



Ahw yeah, festival season is upon us! For me summer is not complete without attending any festivals, which means that I've got most of my tickets in the pocket since January already. Trying to get front stage when my favourite bands perform, strolling through the food stands, soaking up some sun at the relaxing zones and camping with my girlfriends is what I'm looking forward to every winter. One day I would love to attend Glastonbury, Roskilde or Coachella but for now I'm pretty happy with what Belgium has to offer! What festivals are on my schedule this year?

Last year my friends and I went on our first full-weekend festival trip ever! Yup, I had been to several festivals before, but only for one or two days. Since our 4 day Rock Werchter experience was so great last year and since the line-up was pretty EPIC, we decided to yet again buy combi tickets right away this year! In exactly 1 month I will be dragging my tent out of the attic and start contemplating whether to take one or two pairs of raincoats. Hmmm. The artists/bands that I'm looking forward to most are (obviously) Muse, Elbow, Balthazar, The Chemical Brothers, Eagles of Death Metal, Mumford and Sons aaand Kasabian. And many, many, many more!

Haachtesteenweg, Werchter. The festival is almost sold out, with exception of tickets for Friday.

There's a new festival in town, guys! This underground house and electronic music festival aims to drop all of the unnecessary adornment and circus acts and wants the public to go back to the essence of house music with them. Located in the old fortress of Borsbeek, Antwerp Dystopia Festival offers a unique location to dance the afternoon/night away. The festival is powered by Forest Walker Records, the record label of my extremely talented boyfriend, so you can imagine I am thrilled  to go! The best thing is that a regular day ticket will only cost you €15! Now we're talking!

Fort III, Frans Beirenslaan 2A Borsbeek. Find the line-up and buy tickets here.

Annnnnd here's number three on my festival 2015 schedule! My bestie and I actually wanted to see Linkin Park at Pukkelpop, but the tickets were a tad too expensive for just one band. Still, we always love to take that trip down to memory lane so we started looking for other favourite bands from our darkest teenage years that were playing in Belgium this summer. This resulted in us now considering going to Lokerse Feesten, where Janez Detd., one of our early 2000s poppunk crushes, will perform! Also playing at Lokerse Feesten this year: Tom Jones, The Kooks, Kaiser Chiefs, Goose, Oscar & The Wolf, Status Quo and many others.

Grote Kaai, Lokeren. Find the line-up and buy tickets here.

So, do you have any festival plans for this summer? Or aren't you a big fan of attending festivals?




Woah, although I was super thrilled to show you these pictures when we had just shot them, I somehow completely forgot to post them! Marijs and I were about to stop by a press event when we passed by this beautiful green corner with beautiful light embracing the trees. This is definitely a spot where I should come by more during summer, I bet it's lovely to chill out in the sun and enjoy the harbour view with a cup of coffee from one of the best coffee bars in town just around the corner. SUMMER PLEASE.

This sunny spring day was perfect to pull out a piece that I have been wearing A LOT lately: my very first LN Knits knit <3 If you haven't heard about LN Knits, please do check them out (they have a pop up store in Antwerp right now!) because once you go baby alpaca, you never go backa! (Wowzers) This khaki colour had been screaming my name since forever and during the stock sale I finally decided to totally go for this 'Edgy Ellen' knit. It will keep me super warm during colder winter days, but is also ideal for those breezy spring days when you don't want to wear a coat and still feel warm. Now on my wishlist: basically every piece in dove grey. It seems like Belgian designs have been striking my fancy lately, because I'm wearing a beautiful delicate Nimzu bracelet as well. These high-quality jewels are handmade and very affordable, which might be interesting for you guys too! Let me know what you think about the outfit!

Oh, and here's a small life update as well: my bachelor's thesis deadline is TODAY, so after long weeks of hard work, basically no sleep and several neck, shoulders and hand cramps I can finally hand in my very last piece of work for university ever. Fingers crossed that I will get some decent grades to finish university with grace!

PS: what kind of CRAZY but AWESOME Kendal Jenner-things is that Clinique Pop lipstick doing to me?! I'm wearing the colour Plum Pop and I never ever want to take it off again.

_MG_9503-2 _MG_9430 _MG_9470 _MG_9510 _MG_9487 _MG_9526-2 _MG_9452-2

LN KNITS Edgy Ellen knit, BAUKJEN c/o leather leggings, CONVERSE sneakers
NIMZU c/o bracelet, COACH bag, MICHAEL KORS watch 

Photos by Marijs, editing by me.

Oh, and today's happy song is obviously The view from the afternoon by Arctic Monkeys! Enjoy!



Wednesday wishlist

Hollaaaa! I'm currently finishing up and polishing all the edges of my bachelor thesis, of which the deadline is Friday. You can imagine I'm DROWNING in work, but since I do need a break once in a while I figured I'd write a quick blog post for you guys. Not sure whether writing is the best way to take a break from writing but anyhow... These are some lovely things that are currently on my wishlist! My desired colour scheme for summer is pretty obvious, as well as the return for prints in my closet. The prints I'm talking about should however be minimalistic and neutral in colour as well! Yup, these pieces would make this student prrrretty happy! Back to the cave/library now to write some more about difficult and intelligent sounding literature procedures. See you soooonnn x

MONKI crochet dress . & OTHER STORIES polkadot bikini . CHEAP MONDAY dungaree dress . DIAMANTI PER TUTTI trinity ring . JUST FEMALE maxi dress . & OTHER STORIES scented candle . RAY BAN sunglasses . WHAT FOR slippers . & OTHER STORIES polkadot sweatshirt . WEEKDAY bracelet . RAF SIMONS X ADIDAS sneakers
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