TOPSHOP beach cover up ⎪ ASOS sunglasses ⎪ ESPRIT beach bag

Yup, I went from cashmere sweaters and winter wishlists to another holiday outfit JUST LIKE THAT. Boom. The current summer weather is super depressive so I'm very happy that I still have so many sunny photos to share with you! Let's dream away together to the last day of my Saint-Tropez vacay in July. In the morning we packed all of our bags to leave during the following night, and then we decided to head to the beach one last time. We ordered our last bottle(s) of rosé wine, squeezed our almost empty bottle of sunscreen for the last time and did a last pretty cold swim. The weather was absolutely splendid so we stretched our stay until about 8PM. This Topshop beach cover up was an early spring buy with summer in mind, and boy I lived in it in France! I love the lightness, the perfect amount of slouch and the chic overall feel when combined with a panama hat. This one is definitely a keeper for hot pool days! In the evening I switched into black shorts and a silk shirt to celebrate our last evening. We went to the amazing Les Sauvageonnes, which I showed you in my Saint-Tropez recap! Finally a few hours later it was time to head home again. Just like that.

Photos by Roel DP
Editing by me



ZARA navy cashmere sweater ⎪ ZARA HOME decorative skull ⎪ H&M HOME candle
IPHONE 5sADIDAS Stan Smith sneakers ⎪ ASOS scarf ⎪ & OTHER STORIES leather jacket
FURNLAB copper coffeetable ⎪ COACH Mini Borough bag ⎪ PANCAKES breakfast

This Saturday I'm celebrating my 23rd birthday and what's a birthday without a proper wishlist? That's right, this Leo has been browsing the web for stuff that's clearly missing in her life! First of all, and very much needed, a new iPhone. People obviously don't buy presents this expensive, but I do have to save up for one since my old pal decided to stop working last week. Maybe I should try out a smartphone from another, less expensive brand but I'm so Apple brainwashed that I'm having a hard time even contemplating the option. 

An item that has been on my mind since forever (ok, about 4 months) is this pair of Stan Smith sneakers. They would totally level up my sneaker collection, don't you think? I came up with SO many possible outfits already! More level-upping could be done by that gorgeous leather jacket by & Other Stories... Furthermore I'd love to wrap that huge tartan scarf around my upper body this autumn, and drown in the most perfect cashmere boyfriend sweater I've ever seen (and tried on). Next up is that adorable chic-looking Coach bag that would look really good in a super casual outfit with a pair of sneakers. As for black bags I currently only have my small H&M bag, which is sometimes a bit too tiny. So this one would be very welcome! 

On to the decoration part then: I'm always in for new stuff to put in my home, although my boyfriend hates me for it. I prefer creepy accessories, copper or golden accents and loads of candles. And I have obviously saved the best for last: a pancake breakfast on bed! That would totally alleviate the suffering that will follow during the day: studying on my birthday. Yikes. So yes, I'm counting on virtual support this Saturday! I accept virtual Zara shopping vouchers as well, thank you, come again! ;-)




Oh hi guys! So nice to see that the bad weather or sold out-ness of Pukkelpop-tickets forced you inside the house to read my blog! We're in this together, since I'm stuck in the house too. In between my attempts to study for my next exam (that's Middle Age Dutch you're reading in that book) there is luckily still some time for fasjun. And this time that fasjun is focused on a new kid on the block! Meet Cluse, a spanking new watch brand that offers some gorgeous high quality products for a sharp price. They sent me this gorgeous soft pink watch called La Bohème, which is now glued on my wrist for about a week. What I like most about it is the ultra thin case, the fact that the wrist band is real leather and the very sweet price of €129. Most cool watches are unfortunately in a way higher price category, and when you finally bump into something affordable they turn out to be crappy/plastic/ugly. Cluse has some very similar options for big brands like Marc Jacobs or Michael Kors: the La Valsa, Sonata and Ballade are some glamourous examples of this. Of course I still have to use this watch a bit longer to test its sustainability, but for now everything looks good! I'm sharing my experience with this brand because I think some of you might be interested in finding a decent watch that doesn't ask for a mortgage loan. Now, what's your favourite piece of their collections? 



OLIVE c/o white dress ⎪ COS peach knit ⎪ ESPRIT c/o beach bag ⎪ H&M pool slides

For me the little white dress is equally or even more important than the little black dress during summer. A versatile white little frock creates dozens of outfit options for holidays, garden party's and day trips to the zoo. This particular combination can be worn for no less than three events: it includes pool slides for a beach day, an extra knit for a quick visit to the city and a big beach bag to keep a pair of heels for the evening. If you don't have a little white dress yet; get it on your wishlist as soon as possible and take a look at mine here! Now, seeing these pictures make me long back to these wonderful two weeks of not caring about a thing but what book to read or which strawberry to eat first... I'm also definitely missing the hot temperatures and the warm summer nights, since we're being treated with some nasty pre-fall weather here. Hi there, rain. Let's conclude on a positive note: I just started studying for my exam and all of those cocktails and pool party's would be just distracting me, right? Alright guys, I'm going back to the books now - have a great Tuesday!

Photos by Roel DP
Editing by me



Happy Sunday y'all! Today it's finally time for my very extensive Saint-Tropez 2014 photo diary! During this two week-holiday I took so many iPhone/camera snaps and didn't even try to make a real selection. For once I don't agree with less is more and feel like you'll get the atmosphere way better when properly photobombed! Next to chilling in horizontal position, reading books and drinking rosé the boyfriend and I also made a few bike trips, visited some cute villages in the neighbourhood and went for ice cream/drinks/dinner. This was the perfect holiday to completely zone out before getting back on track with the blog, university, modeling work and well, life. Although I definitely got my well-deserved rest, I do feel like I could've used some more beach days and definitely more croissants. That's why looking back to holiday pictures is always such a pleasure! Vacay modus in 3...2...1! 

I also wanted to share some of my favourite addresses at the Baie de Saint-Tropez, in case you're planning a little trip yourselves. Don't hesitate to ask me for extra insider tips as well: my boyfriend has been going there every summer since he was just a baby. Now, I hope that you enjoy scrolling through these pictures as much as I enjoyed taking them! Have a wonderful non-sunny Sunday x

Port Grimaud ⎪ a quiet public beach that you can easily reach by sneaking through the residential port
Le Pingouin Bleu ⎪ my favourite tiny private beach that you can read about right here in my previous post $
Club 55 ⎪ where the chic people go that don't want loud music and drunk kids to ruin their beach day $$

La Maison Bleue ⎪ simple but delicious and fresh French dishes with a refined touch $
Comme A La Maison ⎪ a great Italian restaurant that serves way better food than I ever made à la maison $$
La Sauvageonne ⎪ very consistent in this unique place: bamboo decoration and dazzling foodgasms $$$

I'M A HOUSE GANGSTER bandana, ASOS sunglasses, H&M striped longsleeve

@ La Sauvageonne

@ Le Pingouin Bleu

ONLY striped shirt, ASOS rings
@ La Sauvageonne

H&M beach dress & hat, ESPRIT beach bag, BIRKENSTOCK slippers, CELINE sunglasses


@ La Sauvageonne
@ Le Pingouin Bleu

ISABEL MARANT x H&M dress, MANGO bikini, ASOS sunglasses

@ Comme A La Maison

@ Le Pingouin Bleu
@ Le Pingouin Bleu

COS bikini, ASOS sunglasses

ZARA polkadot longsleeve

@ La Sauvageonne
OLIVE dress, COS knit, H&M slippers, ESPRIT beach bag

ONLY striped shirt, ZARA denim & sandals, MICHAEL KORS bag, CELINE sunglasses
@ Le Pingouin Bleu
@ Le Pingouin Bleu
H&M bikini, ASOS sunglasses

OYSHO dress,  ASOS sunglasses & rings, PULL&BEAR necklace

H&M shirt & bag, LEVI'S shorts, NIKE sneakers, I'M A HOUSE GANGSTER bandana

C&A c/o top, ZARA denim, BIRKENSTOCK slippers

OLIVE c/o dress, H&M hat

H&M kimono & hat, ZARA denim, ASOS sunglasses, ESPRIT beach bag, BIRKENSTOCK slippers

@ Port Grimaud
H&M bikini, ASOS sunglasses

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