Hollaaaaa! Here's me being totally happy in a world of sunshine, milkshakes and baby animals! That's right, my buddies and I went to the Antwerp Zoo last week! We were about to face an extremely hot Wednesday last week and quickly decided we could definitely schedule a well-deserved thesis break to enjoy the sun. And how much fun we had! Besides from finally having a tête-à-tête with two of my favourite animals (the slow loris — we saw the slim/creepy version — and the sloth!) we also admired the giraffes, hid from the vultures and tried to steal a baby penguin or two.

I thought it would be fun to bring my camera along and capture the entire day, just like I did when I was younger. Now I'm seriously considering getting myself a full year membership, even if it were just for shooting on these amazing locations. More photos of the outfit will follow soon, but for now I hope you can soak up the atmosphere through these snapshots! Have a happy Wednesday, guys :-)

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You guys, how smoothly am I adding a chic to my casual lately? Earlier this week I have been spamming your computers and phones with the most royal-worthy enchanting princess skirt ever and today I am presenting you no less than a SUIT! No worries, the days of denim are never over, but I must admit that since I started doing Kayla and since I started being extra happy with myself I have been obsessively trying on other kinds of fabrics to decorate my legs with. It feels extremely liberating to finally have more options to choose from pants-wise, so YEP my summer wardrobe is going to be all about comfy pyjama and palazzo pants. And why not start with a suit? A real suit.



Uh oh... I already have so many reasons to be envious of the drop dead gorgeous and extremely charming Olivia Wilde, and yesterday evening I found yet another one. The lady did not only contribute to a beautiful sustainable collection by H&M Conscious Exclusive, she also got to wear the most prominent piece of it: this flowy skirt. The skirt of my dreams. It is made of organic linen and recycled polyester and has an amazing texture. Call it true love, un coup de foudre or just plain shallowness: when I saw it flowing by on the catwalk, I knew I needed it! I tried it on for over three times and although it looked absolutely magical on me, my common sense took over and I didn't buy it. Which I obviously regret now. What do you say guys; should I go look for it in store or just stay away from it as far as possible? Yay or nay?




Oh, hello beauty fans! Guess who's being spoiled today! I hope you have all seen/read my post about my spa trip to Paris with Caudalie a few weeks ago? Seen my Snapchat story about it? My blog colleagues and I had the best time testing all of the products in a vuuuuurry relaxed environment (that massage...), and today I'm exited to give you the same opportunity. And when I can't bring you to Paris, I'll make sure to bring Paris to you...



There is a first time for everything and since I have been a regular gym-visitor for months now, I thought it was time to finally shoot some sportswear! I have written about my favourite gym exercises as a Belmodo Guest Editor before, but in the meantime my fitness routine has been upgraded to a whole different level. Things got harder, faster and a lot stronger. Yep, my friend and I are members of Kayla's army now! The hashtag #deathbykayla is now applicable for us on a daily base, since we have just commenced week 8 of Kayla's incredible 12 week bikini guide
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