IMG_6157 POLIENNE ⎪ Grey & Camel 9 IMG_6115 IMG_6169 IMG_6180 IMG_6162 IMG_6118 IMG_6195

ZARA cashmere cardigan ⎪ H&M grey top, hat & ankle boots ⎪ VERO MODA denim
HIPSTERS FOR SISTERS c/o hip bag ⎪ STRADIVARIUS necklace ⎪ RIB&HULL c/o bag

Goodmorning friends! Today's post will just be, next to the outfit of course, a quick update on life! I'm currently on my way to Amsterdam for a lovely day with Mexx. Next to visiting their pop up store and attending their fashion show, there's also room for a little par-tay! Woot! Anyway, besides the fact that my mom usually shops there, I'm not very familiar with Mexx so I was quite intrigued by this invitation to discover more of the brand. Follow my Amsterdam adventures on Instagram, and read about the verdict here on the blog very soon! Another small life update that I need to tell you about is that my exam took place yesterday and that it went quite well. Now I can enjoyyyyy my last month of vacay before university starts again. Still on the agenda: my birthday garden party, a trip to Paris with Tally Weijl, a shopping evening with Pinko at Antwerp Fashion Festival (I'll tell you all about this soon!), a Pharrel Williams concert and finally a girlfriend weekend to the country side and another girlfriend trip to Disneyland in the beginning of October! I'M WAY TOO EXCITED!

Let me finish this post with a little word on the outfit! Grey and camel will probably my number one colour combo this season. I'm thinking of camel coat x grey cashmere sweater, grey coat x camel scarf, grey skirt x camel knit and grey jeans x camel cardigan, as worn here. The grey hat is my latest, pretty perfect addition to my headwear collection, and you can still find it in store right now! I just keep thinking that I need to permanently hold a reflection screen to light up my face when wearing a hat. Or maybe my brain just really needs a morning coffee now... Gotta go! x

Photos by Wriemis
Editing by me




Hey guys! How are you doing on this gloomy feels-like-fall Monday? Do you feel like leaving behind work/exams and sneaking away for a little trip as well? Unfortunately the whole of Belgium is covered in clouds, but the one place where you'll reach something that comes closest to a holiday mood is probably Knokke. I mean there's fish restaurants, the sea (I know it's horribly cold, but still!), people driving around in golf cars, a lot of beach bars and of course LOADS of shopping opportunities. And when you go shopping in Knokke, make sure to stop by at the very recently opened Princess.

You might know this shop from the flagship store, Princess Antwerp, and Princess' other projects: Renessaince, Sketch, Princess Blue and more. They profile themselves as Belgium's leading designer fashion retailer, and I think that's still quite an understatement. The impressive designer list at Princess Knokke includes IRO, Marc By Marc Jacobs, Kenzo, Designer Remix, Michael By Michael Kors, Essentiel, MSGM, By Malene Birger, Nanushka and so on. They have some more 'grown-up' brands as well (think Natan or Max Mara), but as you can see they want to focus on young women who are aware of the fashion trends and like to wear high-quality items without being completely broke at the end of the year. Of course many of us cannot afford to buy complete outfits by these brands, but don't we all like to save up for a REAL cool item that will make us happy for years? I'm talking about a decent parka, the perfect black biker boots or of course your very first designer bag! Princess Knokke invited me to discover the brand new shop and of course the new autumn/winter 2014 collections. I was impressed, and I hope you will be too. Join along in my photo adventure!
  IMG_5816 IMG_5753 IMG_5815 IMG_5767 IMG_5849 IMG_5902 IMG_5791 IMG_5771 IMG_5764 IMG_5754 IMG_5834 IMG_5830 IMG_5813 IMG_5809 IMG_5851 IMG_5825 IMG_6056 IMG_5750 IMG_5817 IMG_5814 IMG_5800 IMG_5782 IMG_5778 IMG_5803 IMG_5901

It's of course hard to imagine real-life outfits when looking at a bunch of clothing on hangers, so I pulled together and captured 5 looks I would personally wear in heartbeat! Princess turned into our personal closet playground for an hour or two: turning the shop upside down with my friend/photographer St├ęphanie was a super fun experience! We had a quite hard time not running outside with as much stuff that we could carry... I was especially enchanted by that damn perfect IRO leather jacket, that gorgeous MSGM dress and of course THE coat I would like to spend the rest of my winter seasons in: the sheep coat by Surface To Air. But hey, let the pictures and the outfits speak for themselves:

IMG_5964 IMG_5983 IMG_5992 IMG_5977

IRO leather jacket ⎪ MARC BY MARC JACOBS dress
ESSENTIEL clutch bag ⎪ SAM EDELMAN boots

IMG_5876 IMG_5896 IMG_5875 IMG_5892

KENZO knit ⎪ MSGM scuba skirt
JEFF beanie ⎪ GOLDEN GOOSE sneakers

IMG_5918 IMG_5955 IMG_5926 IMG_5924 IMG_5942

MSGM hoodie & dress ⎪ SAM EDELMAN navy heels  

IMG_6031 IMG_6026 IMG_6049 IMG_6022 IMG_6053

SURFACE TO AIR sheep coat ⎪ BY MALENE BIRGER leather leggings

IMG_5869 IMG_5864 IMG_5854 IMG_5859

AMERICAN RETRO tartan jacket ⎪ (my own outfit)

What do you think? Digging the shop? Digging the brands? And especially: digging the outfits? Let me know!

You can find Princess Knokke at Zeedijk 809 at Knokke-Heist, every (!) weekday from 10-18.30. This post was created in collaboration with Princess. With special thanks to my friend and photographer St├ęphanie Leleu.
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