The Really Epic Post you've all been waiting for is finally here: my Disneyland photo report! It took me some time to sort out all the photos (two cameras, an iPhone and an analog camera provide quite a lot of data for my poor old Macbook) but I really wanted to share these photos with you today. It's Halloween after all! The entire park was decorated according to the American Tradition, including ghost screams and a special villain parade. I even chased down Jack Skeleton for a selfie, but in the end I was too impatient to queue up so I settled for a photo from his back. (Which reminds me: don't forget to watch Nightmare Before Christmas tonight!)

But let's start from the beginning: the girls and I booked a 4 day trip, which of course seems absurdly long! I was quite sceptic as well but as soon as we got there, I realized it was one of Robin's best ideas yet. Whenever we saw people queuing up at an attraction we just used our Fast Pass and came back after an hour for quick access. Apart from easier planning and queue skipping we also had the opportunity to do all of our favourite attractions about six times AND we even traded the rollercoaster for the spa one day. Oh, and when you have a case of changing weather like us there's obviously more chance of sun spread over more days. Besides munching on burgers, muffins and pizza, we went for dinner at Annette's and Blue Lagoon — a restaurant located inside the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction. Both restaurants were really lovely, so make sure to make a stop there when you're planning your own Disney trip! I don't have any more tips besides bringing a backpack (the internet offers some cool ones, like this one from Comptoir des Cotonniers), stocking up on analog cameras and trying not to lose your Minnie ears after three hours already.

My favourite attractions? Most definitely the Rock 'n' Roller Coaster, Ratatouille, Space Mountain and Buzz Lightyear! Ok, maybe the Tower of Terror as well... after all. It's A Small World was unfortunately closed for maintenance, otherwise it would have definitely have been in my top three. Now, I'll let you go through my (huge) photo diary without wasting any more words! Have fun and happy Halloween!

_MG_9224 IMG_8215 _MG_9004 _MG_9190 COS knit, MONKI denim shirt, FILIPPA K denim, COMPTOIR DES COTONNIERS backpack, NEW LOOK boots_MG_9002 Disney2 _MG_9257 _MG_8987 _MG_8986 IMG_8469 FRANKLIN & MARSHALL sweatshirt, TALLY WEIJL boyfriend jeans, ETIENNE AIGNER bag, H&M scarf_MG_9042 _MG_9221 FullSizeRender _MG_9296 _MG_9334 _MG_9450 IMG_8473 _MG_9455 _MG_9168 _MG_9034 Disney3 _MG_9228 _MG_9448 _MG_9337 _MG_9249 _MG_9422 Disney5 _MG_9205 _MG_9256 IMG_8336 _MG_9041 _MG_9073 Disney1 _MG_9195 _MG_9197 _MG_9186 _MG_9022 _MG_9089 IMG_8420


And thanks Robin, Lisa and Cleo for the wonderful trip!



_MG_8967-2 _MG_8977 _MG_8951 _MG_8973-2 _MG_8962 _MG_8957 _MG_8982

HUSH c/o parka ⎜ PLUTO ON THE MOON c/o sweatshirt ⎜ DIESEL skinzee jeans

Hey everyone! I don't want to keep on nagging about how lovely I think the current autumn weather is, but it's a fact that I can truly enjoy some nice coat + sun weather! And coats might just be the main subject of one of my favourite addictions... Let me first tell you where this outfit was shot. In the beginning of October my highschool girlfriends and I did our yearly reunion weekend (also here!) at the Ardennes, where we just chilled out, did a lovely hike/Garmin quest, spent a few hours sauna-sweating, played parlor games and consumed loaaaads of food! It seems like every year we forget how much fun we have together (we don't really see each other often) and then we have the most awesome weekend and everything is EPIC. To fight the drizzy Sunday weather on the second day I pulled out this real cool Hush parka with blue furrrrr accent. The colour detail really spices up this — I admit — pretty basic outfit, but since I know you guys like to see my ''off day'' looks as well I took a moment to capture this one as well. I hope you like it? Make sure to tune back in later on this week because I prepared some real fun posts for you! See you!

TIP: You can enjoy free shipping at HUSH with the code Polienne at the check-out (oh, and mid-season sale alert)!

Photos by Steffie L.
Editing by me



_MG_9996 _MG_0043 _MG_0055 _MG_0066 _MG_0005 _MG_0015 _MG_0058 _MG_0053

OLIVE c/o knit ⎜ ZARA pleather skirt ⎜ PINKO c/o fluffy jacket ⎜ COS wool scarf
CONVERSE sneakers ⎜ COACH bag ⎜ CELINE sunglasses ⎜ H&M necklace

Hi everyone! How was your weekend? I had the most lazy one ever, as I told you in yesterday's post. Besides procrastinating stuff for school I went for a lovely Sunday brunch with my friend Valerie. We went to Tinsel, a super cute coffee bar slash lunch heaven located in one of Antwerp's finest areas. The food was absolutely delicious (hello pancakes swamped with fruits and whipped vanilla cream) and I wish I could project the minimalistic but bohemian interior into my own apartment. The only drawback was the fact that the place was really crowded — it seemed like the entire city of Antwerp planned on brunching there — so it took a while until we got our much desired coffee. In any case, if you're looking for a new, interesting and yummy spot to spend your afternoons; I'd definitely recommend Tinsel! I took some photos as well, for it's been quite a while since I featured another hotspot here on the blog. Oh, and I hope you like the outfit I wore as well? Good luck surviving another Monday!

_MG_9937 _MG_9927 _MG_9950 _MG_9956 _MG_9955 _MG_9938 _MG_9961 _MG_9980 _MG_9976

Photos by Valerie Verlinden and I
Editing by me

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