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VILA c/o jacket ⎜ NEUVILLE c/o backpack ⎜ ZARA t-shirt ⎜ LOBOGATO c/o necklace ⎜ CONVERSE sneakers

Morning! Last Friday I had a shoot in Paris for a haircare products brand and together with the client my agency and I agreed that my hair could get cut and coloured. Very exciting times, since I didn't have any clue apart from this photo from Daria Werbowy! I was pleasantly surprised by the colour they picked for me, since that cool chocolate brown shade was something I wanted to try for a long time already! In the end they only chopped off a few centimeters and added extra layering, which gives my new do some rockstar vibes. This obviously called for a fun rockstar inspired look with my leather jacket and too-cool-for-school (no wait, I actually wear this to school) backpack. Anddd speaking of school, unfortunately university's calling! Gotta go! See you laterz x

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TOPSHOP v-neck knit ⎜ LUMO c/o rings ⎜ TALLY WEIJL denim ⎜ H&M hat
C&A c/o coat ⎜ SAM EDELMAN c/o hairy loafers ⎜ MYA BAY c/o bracelets ⎜ COACH bag

Woah, what a week! I had some lovely business meetings, did lots of modernist reading for university, went to class as well, attended the Zalando Blogger Awards and travelled to Paris for a real cool hair job! From Wednesday until Friday evening I survived on a total of 7 hours of sleep. I'm pretty amazed I didn't fall to pieces this weekend, but perhaps that 14h (!) night of sleep on Friday was an epic last minute rescue.

Since I'm still quite groggy today I want to dive into the basic/comfy section of my closet — which is probably 95% of my entire wardrobe, so easy! A terrific example of an outfit that I would immediately recycle today is the one you're looking at right now. The ingredients are simple: a hat to hide a bad hair day, some skinny denim, a pair of comfy loafers and a soft knit. Those Tally Weijl skinny jeans instantly rose to my top three of most comfy denim pieces, since they're as stretchy as regular leggings but stay super tight throughout the day weeks. The brand new Topshop knit (bought in size 40) is here to stay too: pale blue, slightly oversized and a clean neck line is everything I really ask for in a jumper. Last but not least I want to mention those gorgeous Sam Edelman pony hair loafers! The idea of wearing loafers usually really scares me because I have some serious blister experiences with them. These grey leopard babies on the contrary are like clouds on my feet, so you'll meet them again real soon here on Polienne!

Here's a little note on that cutie hanging on my shoulder as well: as you might remember it was on my birthday wishlist back in August! Because of its price tag I would never have expected to actually receive it but my boyfriend and his brothers + their girlfriends saved up together to surprise me with it! Two of them went to New York for a little city trip at the end of September and stopped by at Coach to get me the highly desired bag! Sorry for all of the exclamation marks, but I'm just so so happy! Thank you so much, lovely Stéphanie, Pieter-Jan, Stephanie, Jeroen and Roel!

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Hi friends! I was supposed to schedule an outfit post for today but due to some really hectic days I unfortunately couldn't finish the article. LUCKILY something really cool happened yesterday, about which I can do a last-minute post (read: I'm writing this on my phone while overdosing on coffee and waiting for my make-up in a Parisian photo studio). Yesterday the first Belgian Zalando Blogger Awards took place at Paris Texas in Antwerp! The evening was not only a celebration of Belgian blog talent, but a moment to connect with, get inspired by and catch up with all of our friends and colleagues. We attended two super interesting masterclasses by Yara Michels (Chapter Friday) and Veerle Windels (fashion journalist), after which we indulged in some #cointreaufizzcocktails and yummy bites. Zalando really took care of a great evening...

...and the fact that I took home the JURY AWARD obviously doubled the fun! I feel extremely grateful to receive this much appreciation and recognition by the lovely jury of fashion experts! What started out as merely a weird hobby (uploading pics of yourself on the world wide web is still quite difficult to explain ànd understand), is now evolving into a really exciting project that I seem to work on with more passion every day. That's why I wanted to thank YOU guys to make this possible! Without my epic bunch of loyal readers none of this would've happened. I hope you'll still be around for quite some time here on Polienne, because it would be hard to imagine carrying on without your encouraging comments, interesting questions and awesomeballs presence. Now, let me end this post before we get all teary ;-) The make-up artist is calling, so I'll speak to you soon and I hope you have a great weekend! 



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PINKO c/o black fluffy jacket ⎜ CITIZENS OF HUMANITY c/o coated jeans
C&A cashmere knit ⎜ H&M bag + earrings ⎜ NIKE sneakers

Weirdly enough, wearing an all black outfit only happens to me when I'm really inspired. When my closet seems completely empty (figuratively, of course) I usually fall back on boyfriend jeans or leggings combined with some cashmere. But when I stumble upon a real cool black item, it's not my intention to use it for off days but to use it on days I want to shine! In this case I'm talking about two real good black items that complement each other perfectly. The first one is this irresistible teddy jacket by Pinko that I wouldn't mind sleeping in! It's huge, it's fluffy and it basically feels like you're wearing a sauna. Awesome. The second piece is this gorgeous coated jeans by Citizens Of Humanity. I've never owned a pair of this famous brand so I was really excited when they contacted me to try out their jeans. After a few days the fit was still super tight and the coated material is actually way more comfortable than expected. This golden black combo is one I'll be busting out a lot this season! With of course the company of a classy red lip.

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Hi guys! I'm happy to announce that I'm nominated for the Jury Award of the Zalando Blogger Awards! After a super successful edition in the Netherlands (read Yara's report here) it's time to reward the Belgian bloggers for their hard work. My blog was selected as one of the four possible winners by the professional jury existing of Yara Michels (Chapter Friday), Michaël Schockaert (Belmodo TV) and Judith Surusiay (Zalando's fashion PR manager). I'm extremely honoured and grateful to be listed next to some of my favourite blogs and blog friends; Ruth and Nathalie from The Merrymakers, Emma from My Fashion Blog and Sofie from Fashionata. Besides celebrating the blog 'veterans' Zalando also wants to encourage new talent and reward the public's favourite by handing out a Newcomer Award and a People Choice Award. All the nominees look very promising so I'm very curious who will go home with the award and of course the entire year of free shopping at Zalando! Thursday the 16th of October we will finally know the best Belgian bloggers according to Zalando. Will you be crossing your fingers?

Oh, and now that we're talking webshops: did you know Zalando stocks Topshop nowadays? Finally a free shipping-cost way to get our favourite UK brand in our closets! I made a little imaginary wishlist of the items that I wouldn't mind clicking home. Do you have any favourites amongst these beauties?

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