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JEROME DREYFUSS Jacques M goatskin nubuck bag in green
PROENZA SCHOULER PS11 Mini Classic Bag in grey
3.1 PHILLIP LIM Soleil Tote in black

I'm a bag addict. There, I said it. Outfit-wise there are not a lot of other things that can make me happier than a good bag that literally goes with everything I own. And as if I don't have enough handbags in my closet, I'm currently crushing hard on these three beauties. All three styles are quite different but they are all beautiful in their own way! 

The Jérôme Dreyfuss nubuck bag is my wet dream of all autumn accessories, for being oversized, slouchy and a glorious colour mix of dark grey and forest green. This baby is actually still in an "affordable" price range, when you compare it to the other two. I'm putting all my hopes on the January sales next season... Let's talk about that Proenza bag of my dreams then, which has been living in my wishlist since forever. I think I like it even more in this elegant grey than in classic black, and this mini size really stole my heart. The 3.1 Phillip Lim on the other hand can't be big enough, for my perfect tote bag can be massive-sized. The unique finishing of the bag — the graphic lower part and industrial handles — is what immediately got me interested. Yup, I wouldn't mind welcoming all three in my collection but after getting my hands on that iPhone 6 (OH NO SHE DIDN'T) I'm sort of completely broke. Oh well, one can dream...

Also: hello October!



_MG_7704 _MG_7715 _MG_7692 _MG_7719

EQUIPMENT c/o silk shirt ⎜ HUSH c/o grey skirt ⎜ H&M bag + wool hat
CONVERSE sneakers ⎜ CLUSE c/o watch ⎜ OSCAR WYLEE c/o sunglasses

That indian summer seems to last an eternity this year and I intend to get the most out of it. Ok, small confession: my coat collection is begging me to take them out on the streets and it's very tempting, but for some reason I don't entirely want to say goodbye to summer yet. My solution is to wear my winter pieces in a summery way already (hi, knit skirt!) and to use my summer items to layer (hi, silk shirt!). On this particular day it was warm enough to go both coatless and tightless, which is of course the best of both worlds. The gorgeous striped shirt by Equipment is definitely a new go-to item in my closet: I've worn it in approximately 5 ways already and there are still so many possiblities! Digging it?

Oh, and if you're a fan of my pretty grey skirt or the other Hush pieces I featured before (hi, cashmere sweater and knit bomber), I have an exclusive free international shipping code for you! Just enter Polienne in the promotional box at the check out and receive your new autumn outfits on your doorstep for free. Happy anti-Tuesday-shopping, guys!




On this super cozy Sunday I wanted to surprise you with a very special post! I teamed up with Belgian sleep- and loungewear brand Pluto On The Moon to create a mini-editorial! Pluto On The Moon is a bohemian-vibed brand that's all about slow living, wandering and enjoying life. The 4 different outfits I picked really reflect this state of mind: think soft materials, slouchy fits and a mix of classic and gipsy-inspired prints. One of my favourite pieces is the 'wizard' bathrobe with graphic prints, which now aaaaalmost took over my boyfriend's spot of favourite companion in the morning. For this shoot my brother/photographer and I crashed a friends apartment and got all cozy with a cup of tea, some loungy beats and some magazines to get in the mood. I really hope you like the photos, and if you feel like discovering more of Pluto On The Moon (or you want to know where to buy all these pretty items!), head over to their website for more information and more boho-inspired pieces and images. Have a lovely Sunday everyone x

_MG_4652 _MG_4603 _MG_6540 _MG_4692 _MG_4542 _MG_4656 _MG_4629 _MG_4724 _MG_4735-2 _MG_4567 _MG_4601 _MG_4677 _MG_6562-2 _MG_4663 _MG_4525 _MG_4641 _MG_4707 _MG_4648 _MG_4747 _MG_4591 _MG_4753 _MG_4729

I'm wearing the GHOST polkadot shirt, FIRE polkadot pants, WIZARD bathrobe, REVELATION long grey socks, TRICKS grey sweater, FIRE polkadot pants, MYSTERY camel cardigan, SPIRIT white longsleeve, FIRE tartan pants.

With special thanks to Pluto On The Moon for providing me with the softest homewear, my friend Hans for letting me completely trash his beautiful apartment and my brother Wannes for the amazing photography and creative input. 



_MG_7815 _MG_7789 _MG_7809 _MG_7822 _MG_7802 _MG_7831 _MG_7824

C&A c/o fluffy coat ⎜ HUSH c/o cashmere knit ⎜ TALLY WEIJL c/o denim
H&M bag ⎜ CELINE sunglasses ⎜ STEVE MADDEN c/o boots

YES, first coat weather of the year! I'm all about the pastel ton-sur-ton-ing, and although the cashmere knit and the fluffy coat combo was still a tad hot, I'm just extremely ecstatic to pull out my enormous coat collection again! There are like twenty other reasons to be ecstatic today, such as my fave bae Sabine launching her own beauty book, my fave band Muse announcing a 7 day countdown to their 7th album, my fave Greek gurl Afrodite designing a gorgeous pair of boots for Sacha and my fave Autumn month starting next week! I'm really trying to avoid these exclamation marks, but I'm just so damn thrilled! Let me clamp down that exuberance by leaving for one of my first classes of the year at uni...

Photos by Dogs & Dresses
Editing by me




GUYS, I'm so thrilled to finally show you these photos! Remember when fashion brand Tally Weijl invited me to Paris in the beginning of September? Together with 13 other lovely bloggers I celebrated their 30th birthday with a tour through their offices, a glimpse of their brand new Christmas collection and a super fun birthday shooting! I picked a cool peacock coat and paired it with a pinstripe knit and my fave new boyfriend jeans you've already seen. For the make-up the creative team and I came up with a nude base, a graphic eyeliner and a golden eyeshadow. Let me show you the end results first (my pic is on the Tally Weijl homepage too!), and then guide you through the two day trip.

2014_09_05_tally30y_15342 2014_09_05_tally30y_16431 2014_09_05_tally30y_15300 2014_09_05_tally30y_16493

Looks cool right?! It was so much fun to combine my modeling work with my blog! I love the fresh and happy vibe of the pictures, and I suggest you check out the photos of the other girls as well. Any favourites?

On the first day of our trip we were welcomed at the Paris HQ of Tally Weijl, located in the beautiful Marais. To my HUGE surprise I bumped into Adenorah, Ricarda and Kavita at our hotel door! We all met each other at the Stradivarius trip to Barcelona a year ago and had no clue we would all meet again here in Paris. Next to reuniting with my old buds I also got to meet the lovely Anouska, Audrey, Natalia, Karolina and many more. After some bites and drinks we got a tour trough the offices and were introduced to the latest Tally Weijl fashion trends. During this presentation we obviously started to think about our outfit for the photoshoot the day after! I aaaaalmost went for a "Do you wanna build a snow man" knit, but decided to go low-key in the end. Check out the pics right below:

_MG_7016 tw_tour7 tw_tour12 tw_tour10 tw_tour4 tw_tour3 tw_tour8 tw_tour tw_tour2 tw_tour11 tw_tour1

After a yummy dinner the girls and I all went to bed early, due to the early morning call time! The morning after all of us had breakfast, got our make-up and decided on our final styling at a cool Parisian studio. I don't think these fun backstage pictures need any more explanation!

tw_shoot tw_shoot2 tw_shoot1 tw_shoot4 tw_shoot9 tw_shoot8 tw_shoot3 tw_shoot6 tw_shoot5 tw_shoot7 tw_shoot11

After a looong day we changed into our best clothes for the coolest dinner I had in times: ON A BOAT. FLOATING. NEXT TO THE EIFFEL TOWER. This romantic setting was everything I could have dreamed of to end such a magical trip. A few drinks, a delicious dinner and checking out the results of the photo shoots with a bunch of lovely girls: the ideal way to spend your average Friday night, right? I wore my Isabel Marant Pour H&M printed dress and a pair of Zara high heels, although my feet were definitely killing me.

tw_boat1 tw_boat10 tw_boat7 tw_boat9 tw_boat8 tw_boat2 tw_boat12 tw_boat3 tw_boat4 tw_boat

And besides a bunch of cool backstage pictures there is also a lovely behind the scenes video! They of course used my BEST faces during the vid (that's just me stretching my mouth muscles), but maybe that's really the reason I like this fun, spontaneous backstage video so much. Please enjoy and let me know what you think!

With special thanks for the invitation, Tally Weijl! I really had a blast! 
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