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SPRINGFIELD women's lace skirt, men's wool knit, tartan scarf + chelsea boots
SPRINGFIELD gift mug ∙ H&M lapel coat ∙ CHLOE Paraty bag

Ho ho ho! This week it's finally Christmas time again! I'm slowly getting in the mood by introducing some Christmas spirit into my outfits lately. Some tartan pieces now and then, a subtle nordic print here and there and of course ugly Xmas sweaters all over the place! This particular outfit is one of my favourites lately, for it gives me cozy feels but still looks very sophisticated. A huge tip for cool winter pieces: never forget to check out the men's department! Everything is just way more chunky, bulky and sturdy; take this wool knit and large scarf by Springfield for example. Also: the boots. Men's shoes start at size 40 so I am ONE LUCKY TOMBOY GIRL! Hurrah!

About the Christmas happening itself: I'm not thinking of baby Jesus and his ox/donkey-friends, but of cozy and food-stuffed evenings with the beloved ones next to the fire place while watching The Grinch. On Christmas eve this exact scene will take place at my parents' when we start our annual gourmet-binge fest. On Christmas Day we are expected at my boyfriend's parents' for an entire afternoon of drinking champagne, trying to swallow oysters (ew) and enjoying the boo's excellent cooking skills. Of course there will be presents as well, although this is not the biggest happening of the evening. At my parents' all the kids receive a little something, while the three of us buy a present for mom and dad. At the boyfriend's however, this is the first year that we did the name-drawing thing! I drew my 2 year old nephew, which is pretty epic. I bought him a castle playtent, a stuffed dragon and this beautiful retro mug by Springfield. This thing is firm as plastic a rock, which is pretty convenient for a 2 year old that throws around his food/drinks like a champion. I'm really digging the retro vibe, and I hope it will be useful for many years to come.


I also got the parents a little something: home-baked granola! I made this nut granola during a cooking workshop with UGG and food blog Princess Misia. Marta, who just launched her first cooking book, guided us through some really easy ways to make our own delicious Christmas gifts, including chili olive oil, mango and coconut tea, dark chocolate cookies and even your own spicy salt. This nut granola seemed like the perfect finish for my Springfield mug present! Here's the recipe, if you're still looking for an original last-minute present:

Ingredients for 1 jar (12 portions)
160g nuts (walnuts, pecan nuts, hazelnuts, almonds) 
280g oat flakes
100ml ahorn syrup  

Get started!
Preheat the oven to 150°C. Combine all ingredients in a bowl; you can first chop the nuts. Spread onto the preparing baking sheet and bake for 15 minutes. Once the granola has completely cooled, you can put it into a beautiful jar or mug, just like I did. It seems like a great idea to add some cinnamon, extra seeds and superfoods like goji berries as well.

Getting inspired yet? And how are you celebrating Christmas? Got your presents sorted out already? Let me know!



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H&M fluffy jumper ∙ TALLY WEIJL c/o denim ∙ LN BEANIES c/o beanie ∙ OSCAR WYLEE sunglasses
ZALANDO bag ∙ & OTHER STORIES ring ∙ MYA BAY c/o bracelets ∙ COMPTOIR DES COTONNIERS snow boots

Yep, here's yet another post in which I'm longing to the snowy mountains of Val Thorens again. I did quite an impressive job in taking LOADS of pictures on this short 4-day trip, right? While being guided around the hotel my colleagues and I were pleasantly surprised by this sun-drenched terrace next to the L'Epicurious lounge. After the tour we immediately settled down on the sun beds for a hot Kusmi tea. Although my iPhone weather app showed me some freezing temperatures, it was pretty delightful in the sun! I wore this super fun fuzzy jumper again, this time in a full pastel outfit with a supercool pair of snow boots by Comptoir Des Cotonniers and this super cozy beanie by LN Beanies. Apparently this outfit has gained some popularity already, since both H&M and Zalando regrammed the photo on Instagram last week! Coooooool. Aight, back to the library yet again! Speak to you soon xx




Yeehaaa, it's finally time for an extensive photo report of my ski trip to the Club Med Val Thorens Sensations resort! Sorting out beautiful pictures of mountain landscapes turned out to be a quite difficult task. Also, university. Ugh. That's why it's time to dream along with me to the land of snow, après-ski and a food overload! Get ready!


After a short flight from Brussels to Geneva with Brussels Airlines (business lounge for the win, by the way!) and a 3 hour bus ride we arrived in the city of Val Thorens, where we were welcomed by a huge team of G.O.'s (gentils organisateurs) carrying torches! Speaking of a warm welcome, riiiight. I always go skiing by car but I must say that flying is quite convenient when you can take your ski gear with you for free. I'd prefer an airport a bit closer though! 


MICHAEL KORS faux fur waistcoat ∙ ZARA cashmere knit ∙ COS scarf ∙ LN BEANIES c/o beanie 
HUDSON c/o denim ∙ COMPTOIR DES COTONNIERS c/o snow boots ∙ RABEANCO c/o bag ∙ SAMSONITE bag

More outfit pictures soon on the blog, no worries!

IMG_0364 IMG_0374


Waking up in the comfortable Club Med beds again was really delightful: while the sun was slowly creeping into my room I could enjoy a gorgeous early morning sky and mountain view. The first photo of this post is a perfect reference! After a delicious breakfast (they have pancakes, crêpes AND French toast!) it was time to explore how the hotel looks in daylight. The beautiful soft-coloured architecture was inspired by the mountains and gives a very luxury and relaxed impression. What's really cool is that there is a run underneath the hotel so you can ski right into the lobby/ski room/après ski spot! This lazy person = a happy person.

_MG_2146 IMG_0613 _MG_2143 IMG_0660 _MG_2115 _MG_2140 IMG_0661

Now, Club Med can be quickly associated with family holidays and screaming kids, but although they still handle on a child-friendly policy, things are not the same as they used to be. Kids are very welcome of course, but this multi-activity resort also fits the need of elderly couples, business friends and even bachelor parties. To start with the lobby: these crazy Club Med people put a 4-floor high climbing wall in it! Smaller kids and La Pielaun can amuse themselves on these adorable sheeps next to the reception. MUCH FUN!

IMG_0614 _MG_2104 IMG_0469

My favourite room in the entire hotel is probably L'Epicurious, a beautiful gourmet lounge where you can totally zen out in a modern and unique environment. In the afternoon you can indulge in delicious latte macchiato's and cakes on the sun terrace, while in the evening a team of star chefs prepare the most delicious meals for you. There is a delicatesse shop and built-in wine bar as well, so this étage is definitely your place to be.

_MG_2079 _MG_2084 _MG_2013 _MG_2089 _MG_2078 _MG_2020 _MG_2065 _MG_2031 _MG_2279


The main point of a ski holiday is of course hitting the slopes. Most important: the ski outfit! I wore this ah-mazing Essentiel camo puffer coat with fur hood that turned out perfectly wind-proof and super warm. Since the coat was quite long, I thought it would be a good idea to try out a pair of ski-leggings that I spotted on the Oysho webshop. The Spanish brand just launched a  really pretty mountain sports collection and I was extremely curious for the quality and looks. The leggings are fleece lined inside and have a handy little pocket for your ski pass. On the first, sunniest and warmest day the leggings definitely kept me warm enough, and on the second and third day I just wore a pair of ski tights underneath to face a snow storm or two. Both my beautiful white helmet and reflective goggles were sent to me by Blacks, a UK webshop with the coolest sports- and loungewear. I'm pretty stoked to finally have a helmet + goggles set of my own, since I always had to steal my mom's! 


The ski experience itself is quite impressive: with an astonishing amount of more than 600 km of runs, Les Trois Vallées is offically the best ski region of the entire world. Club Med offers guided "ski tours" for people who are too lazy to plan their own journey, people who don't have a lot of time and want to get the most out of their ski experience and people who LUV to make new friends! The groups are leveled beginner, average, good and expert. I consider myself quite an experienced skier (until you put me next to the boyfriend who used to do competitions) so I joined a team of level 3 skiers and a private monitor. This was quite a pleasant experience: no more waiting for that one slow person or trying to pace up with that one crazy expert AND you receive some tips and tricks from your monitor as well. Also: you get to know the area really quickly so that you can explore on your own the following days. I see nothing but benefits!

 Unfortunately there wasn't that much snow at the start of the ski season, but luckily our monitor led us to the best snow of the moment. Besides some fog and snow we had the most marvelous ski weather imaginable: SUN SUN SUN! Oh, and after an intense skiing session we of course had to pay a visit to Val Thorens' most famous après ski bar, La Folie Douce. Some partying with the ski-bourgeoisie was the perfect warm-up for the real party at the Club Med discotheque at night. Fun fact: the run you have to take to ski to the resort starts at La Folie Douce. A match made in heaven!

IMG_0460 IMG_0451 IMG_0446 IMG_0627 IMG_0442 IMG_0566 IMG_0565 IMG_0558 PicMonkey Collage


While making this photo diary I realized that the amounts of food blinded me enough to entirely forget about photographing it. Damnit. I do have a pic of a tiny tiny micro-part of the dessert buffet — pretty mouthwatering huh? Also: mister chef preparing my perfectly cooked meat! Nomnomnom.

IMG_0478 IMG_0480


The first thing I associate with Club Med is EPIC partying! While trying out the club village in Pragelato I lived through some really good evenings already, but here in Val Thorens this experience definitely got topped. Think intimate singer-songwriter performances, crazy dancing, impressive neon shows, late night jacuzzi-bathing, live music bands and hilarious limbo-games! Did I mention that this hotel has something for everyone? I'm pretty sure the elderly couples, business friends and bachelor parties will find their cup of tea in the large range of evening activities. Ah, such good time!

IMG_0487 IMG_0571 PicMonkey Collage2 IMG_0512 IMG_0572

Sometimes "all inclusive" can be quite tempting: hi free bar!

PicMonkey Collage

Going home is never cool, but going home with a hangover is not cool at all. Meh.

IMG_0393 IMG_0674

Maybe it wasn't such a good idea to post this report on a drowsy Tuesday morning... I hope you did enjoy it! With special thanks to Club Med, UPR Belgium and Isaline Put from Feeling to help me out with my photos.
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