Nope, I didn't die in the heatwave last week! My reasons for being MIA are far more obvious: I needed a break. After two extremely intense months of working on my thesis (I passed with a glorious result!) and studying for my final exams, topped off with an exhausting weekend at Rock Werchter, I gave my body and brains some well-deserved rest at the pool. The boyfriend and I opted for a staycation at his family, spending some quality time in the heat with all of our siblings and friends. Now that I'm completely recharged and back in Antwerp, I'm more than ready to kick off my new life. Yup, that's right, I'm finally graduating this summer! I still need to finish two more exams in August before being thrown into the adult work life, which means that the job hunt is ON. Fingers crossed!

Being back in Antwerp also means shooting outfits again! Do you have troubles as well dressing appropriate for this heatwave? I noticed some signs of sun allergy on my skin this week, so I mostly try to cover up but stay breezy at the same time. This old puff-sleeved blouse from H&M was pretty perfect for the occasion! I paired it with a pair of faux-leather shorts, which was probably not my best move with these temperatures (let's get sweaty...). Anyway, digging the outfit? And are you experiencing the same grown-up-anxiety being an ex-student?

IMG_7052 IMG_7156 IMG_7031-2 IMG_7141 IMG_7171 IMG_6965

H&M blouse, unknown shorts, COACH bag, POLETTE c/o sunglasses, MARUTI c/o sandals via Omoda

Photos by Wannes Riemis



Oh helloooo there! This couch potato hasn't been posting much lately because, as you MIGHT have noticed on my Instagram/Snapchat/Twitter/Facebook/everywhere, I spent the last few days at Rock Werchter festival! My squad and I had booked our 4-day tickets months and months ahead, so during the last few study weeks we couldn't WAIT to start to our little music getaway. Just two days before hopping on the train I got an unexpected and last-minute invitation from Björn Borg to spend the night at their very impressive Rock Village. How could I not agree on trading the dirty, uncomfortable and sleepless camping life for my very first glamping experience?

Next to fresh fruits and the daily newspaper delivered in front of our lodge, we were spoiled with a delicious breakfast buffet, actual beds, free make-up and hair treatments, a pool, spinning classes, several jacuzzi's, a private car park and diviiiiiine, warm and clean showers! How's that for a luxury camping experience? We were delighted to find out that the village was located super close to the festival site, so we wouldn't miss a minute of the bands in the afternoon. Yeehaaaa!

IMG_7671 IMG_7650 IMG_7663 IMG_7636

About the music then! A LOT of bands that I was looking forward to unfortunately cancelled their show and I did think that this festival edition felt a bit... moderate. Luckily there were a few performances that really stood out for me and did not disappoint at all! The ones that I enjoyed most were probably Muse (ahahahahah, obviously), Balthazar, De Jeugd Van Tegenwoordig, Pharrell Williams, Tove Lo, Oscar & The Wolf, The Chemical Brothers and Kasabian. As usual it was super hard to choose between the different stages and I really hope to catch up with Elbow, Royal Blood, Mumford & Sons and Die Antwoord soon. REAL SOON.

I made a few fun shots with my phone and thought it would be fun sharing them with you! 
  unnamed-2IMG_7466 IMG_7640 IMG_7646 IMG_7644 IMG_7661 unnamed-7

I didn't photograph most of the bands since I wanted to focus on really enjoying them rather than watching them through my screen. However, for Muse I made a little exception... After all, Sabine and I had been waiting for two years for them to return to Belgium :-) It was my third time seeing them and this was definitely my favourite show! They cut the drama and went back to basics by focussing on a super tight set with smashing guitar solos and an excellent mix of older, more unknown songs and a selection of their big hits. You can see the entire show right here!
   IMG_7673 Foto 29-06-15 00 28 16 IMG_7648 IMG_7665

I made some really cool Snapchat stories as well but unfortunately couldn't save them for some weird reason. Anyway, there's more festival posts coming up soon, so keep an eye on the blog! Have you been to Rock Werchter? Any favourite performances?




Brace yourself... Today's post is full of happiness, sunshine and rainbows! Why? Today marks the start of festival season for me and that is definitely something to celebrate <3 Now that I have finished my last exams everrrr (yes, I'm going to graduate this summer!) I am totally ready to de-stress and enjoy some time in the sun. Now, unfortunately my exotic holiday plans got cancelled/rescheduled, and I don't really have any other holiday options so far this summer. Luckily I DID reward myself with a 4 day ticket for Rock Werchter after my exams in January! So yup, I'm off to #RW15 with my girlfriends today and plan on having the most epic time. This epic time includes something really special, since earlier this week I have been surprised by one of my fave sport wear brands Bjorn Börg and I can't wait to share it with you... Make sure to follow me on Instagram (@pielaun) or Snapchat (@pielaunio) for updates!

Now, what to wear?! I packed my festival bag yesterday evening at 2 AM so I hope that the outfits will somehow match! The music is of course the most important reason for going to festivals, but why not look fabulous while being there anyway? Comfort is key for me, and since I know how hard it can be to find a look that is both pretty and practical I teamed up with Zalando and their festival guide to give you some inspiration for your own next festival! There is a hamburger backpack (!!) involved, so I do strongly recommend to check out my outfit selection and beauty tips in the Zalando Festival Corner right here! Don't forget to find out about the hashtag #IAMREADY4FESTIVALS on Instagram, because you can win festival tickets as well. Enjoy!

About those holiday plans being cancelled then: I'm sure that the weather will be nice enough to treat me on some more sun here in Belgium soon! Who needs a holiday anyway when you can perfectly enjoy an awesome staycation at your friend's super cozy balcony? Besides, we're planning on acing that tourist-in-your-own-city thing and will definitely do some mini-road/citytrips throughout the country as well. Yup, looks like summer is going to be fun! So tell me; what are your summer plans? A place under the sun... home or away?

IMG_0560 IMG_0608 IMG_0568 IMG_0601 IMG_0552 IMG_0590

Oh, in case you were wondering what epic t-shirt I'm wearing: it's a home-made fan tee for Bazart, the Antwerp/Ghent-based indie pop band by friends of mine! Their first single Tunnels has just released and I'm totally digging the excellent lyrics and melancholic vibes. If you're loving it too and feel like supporting some local talent: vote for them at De Afrekening, Studio Brussel! They've just hit the 28th spot in the list, so it would be awesome to do even better this week!

(See you next year @ Rock Werchter, guys?)

VERITAS c/o sunglasses + ankle bracelet, FOREVER21 shorts
CONVERSE sneakers, CELINE sunglasses, NEUVILLE c/o backpack

Photos by Lisa M, editing by me




Holla! Since many of you regularly contact me asking for secret hotspots in Antwerp, I'm taking you on a mini trip through my city today! We're skipping the obvious must-sees like Groenplaats, Nationalestraat and MAS Museum and will dig more into places where a local would rather spend its free (tourist-less) time. Oh yeah, and that local would be me ;-) Standardly joining me to my favourite hangouts is my Emmi CAFFÈ LATTE drink, the easy-to-go iced coffee I'm slightly addicted to in summer. It's delicious, affordable and it easily fits all of my bags, aka my perfect companion whenever I need a quick energy boost. Okay guys, grab your notebooks to write down tips and... ready, hotspot, go!

IMG_0438 IMG_0470

1. Quiet work break at Harmoniepark

Of all parks in Antwerp my preference has always gone out to the lovely Harmoniepark. It has a very interesting, modern and open set-up which creates a quiet haven for a moment of rest in the midst of the hectic city life. The park has recently had a complete make-over; even the beautiful graffiti art on the old buildings has been refreshed. I love to come here for a quick coffee fix with my Emmi CAFFÈ LATTE Espresso between meetings or classes; the perfect energy boost to kick ass for the rest of the day. Have you ever been there? It's a more unknown park but so easily to get to from wherever you are in Antwerp!

IMG_0414 IMG_0395

2. Warm weekends at Park Spoor Noord

This park is located a bit out of the city centre but totally worth the short bike ride when you're in for a long picknick break with friends! Equipped with free BBQ spots, playgrounds, the really great Cargo Zomerbar with beach chairs and lots of water, Park Spoor Noords really offers some fun for every member of the family. I biked there with Lisa last week to relax a bit after my exam and enjoy the sun. For a quick refreshment in the sun I slipped my all time favourite iced coffee in my bag; the Emmi CAFFÈ LATTE Macchiato Light. Ah, those little (delish!) moments in life <3

IMG_0499 IMG_0523

3. Long evenings at Mechelseplein

My final secret hotspot is basically my frontyard and my favourite place to spend epic nighttime adventures! Some of my favourite bars are located at Mechelseplein, but the square easily lends itself for fun gatherings and events as well. Tomorrow marks the start of 4 days of Mechelsepleinfeesten for example, a lovely neighbourhood event with music performances, vintage markets and parties! I personally just love to hang around here, drink a yum Emmi CAFFÈ LATTE Capuccino and catch up with friends. Oh, and you won't find many tourists here so dress local, act normal and enjoy ;-)

So what do you say; are you up for a trip to Antwerp anytime soon?

Photos by Lisa M, editing by me.
This post was created in partnership with Emmi CAFFÈ LATTE.




Hey guys! My apologies for not posting anything yet this week, but I've had one of my most difficult exams yesterday and another pretty heavy one (the last one though!) is coming up next Tuesday. Sooo I'm currently keeping busy with assessing the average lifespan of blue Bic pens instead of strolling around town with a camera chasing me. For this post I have made an exception though! Is that a festival outfit my little eye is spying...?

That's right! And not just a random festival outfit, I'm wearing to announce a special occasion: Dystopia Festival. This festival is hosted by my boyfriend's house music label (yup, the dude is a vuuuurry talented DJ, producer and all-round music wizard) Forest Walker Records so I'm obviously thrilled to be a part of it! On July 11 Dystopia aims at going back to the very basics of house music, introducing an impressive line-up with huge house legends such as Derrick Carter, DJ Carter, Ian Pooley, Paul Johnson, Flapjackers and many more. Doesn't sound familiar? Maybe the location can steal your heart: the festival is held in front of an old fortress only a few kilometers out of the centre of Antwerp! In order to give you an exclusive sneak peek of this unique location my brother and I went on a shooting trip at this mysterious place where history, industry and music meet. Looks cool, right? YEP, I'm looking forward already! 

Annnnd, scroll down for a little surprise for you too...!

18317410073_5dce2846a3_o IMG_9491 IMG_9755 IMG_9619 IMG_9664 IMG_9537 IMG_9781 18751874299_6f810c3496_o


YOU can join me to Dystopia Festival!

If you want to win a duoticket for you and your best friend...

...click JOIN on the Dystopia Festival Facebook event to indicate that you want to go! 
...leave a comment on this post with your name, email and what you love most about festivals!

Easy peasy! 

I really hope to see you there to dance on some groovy summer beats together :-) PS: for an extra chance of winning you might want to keep an eye on my Facebook page and Instagram account during the next few days... For those who just can't wait to join this adventure: tickets are only €15 and still available here

Dystopia Festival - July 11 2015 - Fort III Borsbeek (Antwerp)


H&M fringed top & hat (old), LEVI'S vintage cut-offs, MANGO bag & boots (old)

Photos by Wannes Riemis, editing by me. 
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