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VILA c/o sweatshirt ⎜ TALLY WEIJL c/o customized boyfriend jeans ⎜ ESSENTIEL c/o cap
NEUVILLE c/o backpack ⎜ CONVERSE sneakers ⎜ & OTHER STORIES ring & bracelet

You guys were super enthusiast about the sneak peek of this outfit last week, so I'm happy to share the full shoot with you today! Blog buddy Elien and I hadn't seen each other in ages and finally met up before the LEE event last Thursday. Next to sipping coffee and having a good chat we obviously had to take some outfit pictures as well, juuuuust like the old timez. Antwerp's finest street, the Volkstraat (aka our own little SoHo), was the ideal backdrop for this casual outfit. Because of all the fashion stuff happening that week I really enjoyed dressing down in a pair of boyfriend jeans (YES, customized!!), a gorgeous sweatshirt and flat shoes (for God's sake). I wore heels twice that week. TWICE. My feet have been wrapped in bandage and foot lotion ever since. Luckily this outfit was super comfy. Because of the cool backpack and baseball cap I might as well name it a back-to-school inspired look, right? I always try to look all classy and grown-up, but I usually end up looking like the cool 14 year old I never was. At least I got to experience that feeling for once... This post doesn't seem to go anywhere, but I hope you like the outfit and the photos! Gotta go now, important meetings, fun shootings and cool projects ahead! Have a great Wednesday and talk to you soon x

Photos by Dogs & Dresses
Editing by me



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Wow guys, yesterday a super busy but extremely fun week came to an end! Besides having blog meetings, shootings, coffee dates, birthday parties and a trip to an amusement park, there were cool events to attend as well. Ruth and I had the honour to host the re-opening of the LEE store in Antwerp and I'm very excited to share this photo report with you! I caught up with my favourite co-bloggers, had a good laugh with my girlfriends and had an extensive fitting with expert Joop from Suitcase to find myself a brand new pair of jeans. Next to putting together a pretty outfit with my favourite pieces from the store, I was also dressed in the new LEE collection. Weird to see me in a fitted pencil skirt, right? It was denim and it looked hot, so I decided to just GO for it! Aight, I hope you like my little photo report :)
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Thank you for the wonderful evening, LEE, Nightingale and partner in crime RuthAll photos by me or Bram from Ghent StreetsFind the re-opened LEE store at Kammenstraat 32, 2000 Antwerp. 



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LA MAISON NEUVILLE c/o backpack ⎜ VILA c/o sweatshirt

Say hello to the most buttery soft leather backpack you've ever seen. I usually associate backpacks with A) my mom, or B) my twelve year old cousins. Ever since I had to carry a horrible, massive, square backpack all the way through high school I have had quite an aversion to this kind of bags. Luckily clich├ęs are here to break through, and after years I have finally managed to overcome my backpack-fear all because of this black beauty. It is handcrafted by La Maison Neuville, a Belgian leather goods brand that focuses on quality and a perfect finishing off. The designs are classic and timeless, but always with a fun twist. I chose one of their more edgy models, but I'm sure you fashion practitioners will love their furry bags and their sophisticated party bags as well! You can get yourself a beautiful Neuville bag for a price somewhere between €100-400, which is actually very affordable for a leather accessory being produced in high-quality leather tanneries from France, Italy and Spain. You can tell that I'm very much in love and proud to be showing off a Belgian product here on the blog! The good news is that you will be seeing more Neuville on Polienne this season! Like?

Photos by Dogs & Dresses
Editing by me



10704384_679447615475423_563131595885871949_o Here we go again! Our annual Bloggers Closet Sale at Antwerp Fashion Festival is becoming a real fun tradition, and this year it's time for a special outside edition. My fellow bloggers and I enjoy catching up with you while looking for a better home for our treasures. This time the focus of my little store will be on autumn and winter fashion, so tomorrow will be the perfect chance for you to update your wardrobe with some pretty coats, jumpers and bags. I will be there only from 14h until 17h, since I'm hosting the Pinko Ladies Night afterwards. I am happy to invite you to both events tomorrow: come shop my closet and stop by for a little drink in the evening! See you there then?




Girls! Let's talk denim today. Tonight I will be hosting the re-opening of the LEE store in Antwerp, and for this occasion I'd like to dig a little deeper into my denim history. (Speaking about an alliteration)

Back in 2010 the only thing I wore was dresses and skirts. I was pretty horrified by the thought of wearing jeans, although I did some experiments here and here. Then things started to change, because in 2011 I bumped into my first flattering pair of black skinny jeans! This was quite the revelation and from that moment on my love for denim grew steadily, with some experiments in shape and wash here and here. Anno 2014 I'm living in my several pairs of destroyed boyfriend jeans, which I believe to fit every occasion. Besides my loose-fit-addiction I'm a huge fan of simple black skinny jeans and classic blue denim as well. If you check out my outfits throughout the years on my Facebook page, you'll definitely notice the difference! My style became way more relaxed, casual and definitely denim-inspired. With this style evolvement came an interest in quality and timelessness, which is where LEE comes in.

Today I'd like to focus on their pretty awesome new collection! Jeans with perfect fits and interesting washes are of course the firm base of the brand but right now I'm very intrigued by their current atypical pieces. Think of the denim pencil skirt, that grey printed shirt and that to-die-for sleeveless biker jacket! Most denim brand style their jeans in a sporty or even adventurous way, but the outfits chosen for the LEE campaign are very casual yet rock 'n roll yet stylish and that's exactly what I like about them. Tell me, what's your opinion?

LEE-FW14-A4-HOR- 4 kopie LEE-FW14-A4-HOR- 15 kopie LEE-FW14-A4-VER- 6 kopie LEE-FW14-A4-HOR- 8 kopie LEE-FW14-A4-VER- 13 kopie LEE-FW14-A4-HOR- 10 kopie LEE-FW14-A4-VER- 1 kopie LEE-FW14-A4-HOR- 2 kopie LEE_Europe
And some real cool pieces that immediately caught my eye! I'm actually wearing one of these this evening. Can you guess which one? Make sure to check out my Twitter and Instagram for live updates of the LEE re-opening tonight!

Visit to the renewed LEE store at Kammenstraat 32 in Antwerp. 
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