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As I promised you in my last post, I want to elaborate a bit on why exactly I spent the day in Paris last week! French shoe brand What For invited me to come over and discover the showroom and new collection; an offer I happily accepted. Together with the other What For family members Debbie, Erika and Aida I roamed the streets of Paris, had lunch at the amazing Japanese lunch spot Nanashi and picked my favourite pair of shoes at the What For flagship store in Le Marais. And that pair happened to be snake-printed and flatformed and TOTALLY AWESOME! <3 In the next few months you'll see these babies passing by regularly, as well as many other pretty What For shoes.

Now, had you heard of the brand before? Liking what you see? For those who are asking: there are several What For sales points in Belgium, but you can also shop online! YEEHA! Happy Sunday ;-)




Hi from my Parisian patio! Last week I headed to Paris to spend a day with the What For family. If you have never heard of What For, I totally understand. The Parisian shoe brand only exists for 2 years now, but they are rapidly taking over the scene! I'll tell you all about them and our future collaboration in another post. Just before hopping back on the Thalys, Debbie and I shot these super fun pictures at the What For offices in Le Marais. I wish I had an office like this...




Although food is obviously one of my main interests (I mean, have you seen my Snapchat feed?) I never really write about it here on the blog. The reason is pretty obvious as well: I can't cook. I do luckily have a wonderful boyfriend who has an incredible talent for cooking! What a catch! Sometimes I do try and work my way through some pots and pans but although my creations don't always taste like shit, I haven't really discovered a new passion yet. Fortunately my favourite meal of the day is breakfast, which includes probably some of the easiest dishes of the day! You would think I get up a bit earlier in the morning to prepare pancakes, scrambled eggs, healthy smoothies, avocado toasts or blueberry waffles. Alas, next to extremely untalented in the field of cooking, I am also lazy! I'd rather hug my bed a little longer than having to wake up in the kitchen and do lots of dishes afterwards.

After years and years of sticking to granola x yoghurt (easy + yum) I have now finally found an alternative to satisfy my morning cravings... Say hello to Baerbar.




Oh hey there, guys! You probably recognize this setting from my last post when I showed you some images from our trip to the zoo. Since the weather was so lovely, we decided to snap some decent outfit pictures as well! Say hello to the very first summer outfit of 2015! It's funny how awkward but liberating the first bare legs after winter feel, am I right?




Hollaaaaa! Here's me being totally happy in a world of sunshine, milkshakes and baby animals! That's right, my buddies and I went to the Antwerp Zoo last week! We were about to face an extremely hot Wednesday last week and quickly decided we could definitely schedule a well-deserved thesis break to enjoy the sun. And how much fun we had! Besides from finally having a tête-à-tête with two of my favourite animals (the slow loris — we saw the slim/creepy version — and the sloth!) we also admired the giraffes, hid from the vultures and tried to steal a baby penguin or two.

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