How to turn your bedroom into a sophisticated sanctuary: before/after

Bedroom talk! In today’s post I’m showing you how to give a messy room (admit it!) a more luxurious boutique hotel vibe. Sounds good? Keep on reading!

Let’s be honest for a moment: whose bedroom does not have clothes piling up on the floor? Random objects stuffed in unused corners? Jewelry pieces collecting dust on a nightstand? I’m the first one to admit that I can be sooooo incredibly messy, especially in the rooms that people don’t usually see! My living room looks pretty decent most of the time — you never know who can drop by unexpectedly — but our bedroom and dressing is a whole different story.

And okay fine, being messy isn’t a problem at all: a house is not a home until someone actually lives in it. It’s just that a bedroom is supposed to instantly calm you down so you can have the best quality of sleep every night. And those undefined pieces of cloth in the every single corner are not exactly helping me to relax…

Time for a tiny make-over, that is! I used some simple tricks to turn this useless little spot into a very fine example of a personal little sanctuary.

At first I thought it was a good idea to use this empty corner of my bedroom to store cushions & other textiles. You know, when you have huge pillows on your bed (because adulting) but you seriously don’t need all of that stuff in your way at night. And then you of course have to collect them somewhere when you go to bed!

However, that turned out pretty disastrous, as I started to simply collect ALL extra cushions I have at home 🙂 Also, the laundry bag with clean underwear & socks that we never ever fold (non-adulting) joined the party too.

Conclusion: a messy and pretty useless corner. Proof right below.

Instead of this messy little corner, I wanted to create a little sanctuary in my bedroom that’s beautiful and calming to look at, but that can also actually be used if necessary. How did I do this? Simple! I’ll give you 3 easy tricks to keep in mind.

1. Go big or go home

Instead of filling up a room with lots of tiny, cute pieces, opt for larger furniture and decoration items. You’ll be less distracted because there’s only very few things to focus on! Plus, less clutter instantly gives you more of a hotel feel, which is exactly what we’re aiming for.

In my case, I only used a single vintage chair and decorated it with a fluffy pillow and these large vases. A great example of quality over quantity. Those stunning vases are by PTMD Collection and in case you haven’t heard of the brand: it’s Dutch and specializes in beautiful, luxurious accessories for your home!

2. Keep it light

Beware that if you opt for larger items, you should pick the ones that still have a light feel to them. Large doesn’t necessarily mean heavy, you see. Big, see-through items work really well in this case!

These glass vases are simple, eye-catching pieces that define a space while keeping it airy at the same time. Here I’ve used them as very minimalist decoration, but they could look really beautiful with some dried flowers in them as well. Or a string of lights for the holiday period, so so cozy!

3. Let the colours define

I personally think bedrooms are the most important place to wind down and relax after a busy day, and the right, peaceful colour scheme could help you doing so. That’s why I kept our own bedroom very neutral with lots of whites, natural wood and some gold finishing touches — as you can see in this blogpost.

I applied the same idea to this particular cornor: the chair and pillow almost blend in with the walls, while the deep cognac tinted vases really stand out in a very natural way! The messing detail gives them that warm, luxurious hotel touch we’re looking for. They would look really good on their own in that corner, don’t you think?

What I would still add to this corner? It looks pretty perfect to me already, but a pair of very thin but tall floor candle holders would perhaps enhance that hotel feel even more. They always look so chic to me! I’ve spotted some really nice ones over at PTMD collection so guess what’s on my Christmas wishlist… 🙂

That’s it! Hope these little tricks will help you out during a possible interior change-up! Plus, if you’re loving these large vases too or want to check out other pieces of the PTMD Collection, head over to their website here.

You can quickly find your closest sale point in Belgium & the Netherlands through their online Store Locator, which I highly recommend. It’s always nice to actually see and feel these kind of home products in real life, right?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

Created in collaboration with PTMD, all words, opinions & experience are my own.