Established in November 2009, POLIENNE is an online style diary that covers daily outfits, travel stories and moodboards full of inspiration with a personal touch. Not only my parents, but also I myself am still thankful that in that crucial year of my teens I preferred writing and surfing the internet over binge drinking and getting misspelled tattoos. Who am I? My name is Paulien Riemis and I’m a 26 year old full time internet adventurer, model and literature graduate based in Antwerp, Belgium.

While juggling several mini online writing projects as a teenager, I discovered the world of fashion and fashion blogs when I started modeling at 16. Soon POLIENNE became my favourite online platform to share pieces of my life (and loads of outfits!) both during my modeling career and my literature studies at the University of Antwerp. After graduating in 2016 I decided to finally take the plunge and start full time blogging as a professional. Besides creating content for POLIENNE I also still work as a commercial model for Dominique Models.

Whether you are a random visitant or an avid reader here on POLIENNE, I really hope you’ll get inspired by this little online bubble of mine! Do stop by next time too, and keep track of my updates here on Instagram and Bloglovin.



PS: in the end, you’ll never know about that misspelled tattoo, right?