My first Chanel bag!

I can’t recall how many times I’ve scrolled through inspirational outfits featuring Chanel bags on Pinterest, but I can tell you that this process has been going on for years. And quite unexpectedly, I’m writing a blogpost today that I never thought I’d write so soon! Yep, meet my new (old) Chanel bag.

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Flea market finds!

Ahhh, weekends are MADE for flea markets! I take treasure hunting very seriously, although I haven’t managed to go before 11AM 😉 I often go at the end of the day, when people really want to get rid of their last pieces. And that’s when the real bargains can be found! The sellers usually dread…

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Thriftshop finds!

Although it’s still a long wait until the boyfriend and I will finally be moving into our house (January!), we can’t help but look around for furniture and interior accessories… One of our favourite current activities is thrift shopping, and we’re damn good at it 🙂 The bad part is that of course we’re having…

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New vintage dress!

As the boyfriend and I both had to work on Easter Monday, we decided to take our day off on Tuesday instead! We had a lovely day in Brussels and decided to stop by the Think Twice secondhand store for a quick browse. I was super excited to bump into this long red floral tea dress for less than…

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