A gift guide for awesome presents under €30

Here to introduce you part 3 of my big gift guide today: 15 super cool present ideas under €30!

If you haven’t seen my previous two gift guides yet, check out the one with presents under €10 and the one with presents under €20 right now! As you can see, I’m taking things very slowly to give you AS MANY options as possible in AS MANY price categories as possible.

Up next: prezzies under €30, and there are quite a few items that I wouldn’t mind under my own tree! Find my personal favourites marked with a sparkle in the gift guide. Scroll all the way down for all the links to the products, and let me know what piece you’re crushing on!

  1. This messing glass jewelry box displays your most precious pieces in an elegant way. I’ve found a beautiful dark green suede version too that’s worth checking out! / H&M, €24,99
  2. Cashmere gloves, because that’s the best thing EVER in Winter / H&M, €29,99
  3. A cool vinyl for the music lovers! I’d personally love this one from Beyonce, as her album isn’t available on Spotify / BOL.COM, €29,99
  4. I have these adorable coffee cups from Nespresso myself, and I can highly recommend them to anyone. They’re designed by famous interior designer India Mahdavi, which makes them a tiny piece of art to enjoy every single day / NESPRESSO, €23
  5. Showcase your plants in a different way with this fab plant hanger / SISSY BOY, €24,99
  6. Pretty lingerie is just always a good idea! / & OTHER STORIES, €29
  7. Disposable cameras are soooo much fun! Get one in an original version like this lomography one and don’t forget to add the photo album from my previous gift guide. Didn’t mark this one as a favourite, but it actually is, hah / URBAN OUTFITTERS, €19
  8. All of the fluffiness! These slippers are a must-have for Winter. PS: why am I so bad in keeping my pieces in the right posts? It’s slightly more than €30 xoxo / ASOS, €33,99
  9. A cute leopard to keep you company forever / H&M, €24,99
  10. Your plants deserve something cool too, and this flower pot is da bomb / LA REDOUTE, €22,49
  11. This messing wire board is not only handy to keep your notes and to-do lists in sight, it also adds that extra touch to any interior / JUTTU, €29,95
  12. A popcorn maker OMG do I need to say more? / URBAN OUTFITTERS, €29
  13. I obviously think storing jewelry is very important, as this is my 5th related item or so in my gift guides! Got this little jewelry stand myself and it’s just really cute and quirky / SISSY BOY, €
  14. Finally a cool tracksuit! And this one is affordable too / ASOS, €30,99
  15. Artsy laptop cases that make you look extra grown-up instead of girly and childish (sorry, no unicorns for me) / CASE COMPANY, €29,95

There we are, another gift guide down! Only 2 more to go, and the next ones will be about the bit more expensive presents in life — although everything stays under €100, no worries!

But first: what do you think? Any new ideas from scrolling through this? Anything you might want for yourself? Happy shopping!