A gift guide for awesome presents under €10

The holidays are coming and I’m helping you out with a few fun gift ideas!

And since I had SO many ideas (spent the weekend online window shopping, oops), we’re kicking off with the selection of presents under €10. Expect a lot more gift guides coming from my side later on this week, all the way from €10 until €100. Something for everyone, as they say.

Let’s get started immediately with the most affordable pieces that caught my eye! Oh, and scroll down for the direct links to the products so you can start Christmas shopping on time this year 🙂

  1. A key chain with the first letter of your, your lover’s or your dog’s name / & OTHER STORIES, €5
  2. A super affordable vase that looks super expensive / KWANTUM, €4,5
  3. Something to put into the vase that will last forever: faux eucalyptus! / KWANTUM, €3,5
  4. Socks! And not just regular socks: sequin socks to wear in open sandals for an instant party feel / ASOS, €11,49
  5. An eye mask to catch up on some sleep and still look fab / ASOS, €8,49
  6. This delicious smelling hand cream, because a lot of handbags need a lot of hand creams/ & OTHER STORIES, €5
  7. Ceramic designer cups — oh wait, they’re just H&M! Awesome / H&M, €5,99
  8. I have this adorable deer bottle closer myself and it adds that touch of fun to your fridge / H&M, €5,99
  9. A star sign birthday calendar (Oh hello there, I’m 27, turned into my grandma and I love it! / HEMA, €4
  10. Fancy looking cooking material, only for people who love pots and pans though / JUTTU, €8,95
  11. A candle holder is always a good idea, am I right? / LA REDOUTE, €16,
  12. Even more so when the candles smells delicious too! Huge fan of this design too / H&M, €9,99
  13. Have you ever seen a placemat so fancy? A real piece of art / H&M, €7,99
  14. Socks! Polkadot socks this time! / ASOS, €5,99
  15. And glitter socks, obviously! / ASOS, €5,99

Ok, I do realize I accidentally switched to items from the under €20 to the under €10 map but I WAS TOO LAZY TO CHANGE IT so here we are!

Hope these little gift ideas inspired you for your sock fillers this year! (like, does anyone actually fill socks?)