A gift guide for awesome presents under €20

Part two, as promised! Discover a bunch of fun ideas for Christmas gifts that won’t break the bank.

You might have spotted the first of my 5 gift guides earlier this week, regarding present ideas under €10! If not, find the post right here. Today it’s time to rise the budget a bit and check out a few cool gifts that stay under €20.

I tried to keep different possible themes in mind, going from fashion to beauty to interior to tech. This time I have also added a little sparkle to my personal favourites, so that you guys know what I would put on my own wish list! I obviously would love to know what your favourite items are too.

So scroll all the way down to discover all gifts and find the link to the matching product at the end of this post!

  1. A stylish make-up bag is always a good idea / ASOS, €12.99
  2. This adorable octopus hook would definitely make you happy every morning / JUTTU, €13,95
  3. Oh yes, there’s going to be plenty of scented candles in this list / H&M, €14,99
  4. A notebook, because offine is the new online, right? / SKINNYDIP, €14
  5. This cute photo album collects all of your favourite moments together / HEMA, €14
  6. Gift a touch of je ne sais quoi with this pretty beret / TOPSHOP, €13
  7. A jewellery stand to have all your favourite pieces nearby / ASOS, €19,99
  8. A magician in the kitchen deserves a cute apron / H&M, €19,99
  9. Oops, a slightly more expensive Touche d’Eclat coverage stick / YSL, €28,80
  10. The perfect bum bag in a beautiful burgundy faux croco material / MANGO, €19,99
  11. Kitch leopard candle holders, because why not? / JUTTU, €19,99
  12. A waterproof bluetooth speaker to bring out your best moves under the shower / HEMA, €13
  13. A kitch ceramic vase to keep your plants happy / ASOS, €16, 99
  14. This velvet snake pencil case makes work a bit more bareable / & OTHER STORIES, €19,99
  15. Yes! A messing watering can, because all things practical can be beautiful as well / H&M, €19,99
  16. This tiny, super easy jewellery travel box will come in handy for everyone / ASOS, €18,49
  17. To look stunning shamelessly: a clip on selfie light / ASOS, €13,99
  18. A make your own neon kit sign kit for the DIY people in your inner circle  / URBAN OUTFITTERS, €14
  19. A book, simple as that / ASOS, €17,99
  20. A ceramic plate looking like salad, for salad or other things / H&M, €14,99
  21. Because you can never have enough scented candles / SISSY BOY, €14,99
  22. A jewellery hook and mirror in 1 to save some space / ASOS, €17,99
  23. A rich body scrub for perfect skin for the rest of the year / & OTHER STORIES, €12
  24. Aren’t these the most fabulous scissors you’ve ever seen? A must-have for your stationary collection / & OTHER STORIES, €19
  25. Classy tortoise earrings to finish any party look / ASOS, €13,99
Et voilà! Any pieces you’re eyeing already?