Winter sun

Ehh no, I did not suddenly transport myself to some exotic country with temperatures going through the roof. These are my last set of photos from my trip to Marrakech in the beginning of February! That’s right, the last sunny summer pictures before you see me wrapped up in four layers of cashmere again. And don’t forget the umbrella.

How come us bloggers (or is it really just me?) always manage to wander off topic to nag about the weather? Sorry for that – let’s talk about this sunny day instead! On our very last day in Marrakech the sun decided to come out and surprise us with a smashing 20°. That IS pretty warm, when you compare it to the 14° we sadly had all week. We cancelled our semi-cultural plans to spend our last few hours on the roof terrace. All settled down with a book, a cup of obligatory mint tea, some sunscreen and my beloved H&M shirt: all I need. You can’t imagine how happy I was to dig this beauty up from the enormous sales pile back in January! Let’s forget about the fact that the label says size 42, shall we. Pielaun likes it oversized. And it is EXACTLY what I’d like to wear on this dreary Tuesday…


H&M striped shirt ∙ LEVI’S vintage denim shirt ∙ POLETTE c/o sunglasses ∙ PRONAILS c/o peel off nailpolish