The bag dress

Whoppa, change of scenery! Since I got back to normal and rainy life in Antwerp after my little getaway to Marrakech I documented loads of outfits that I still need to show you. One of those being this ensemble that I put on on a cloudy Saturday afternoon spent at the gym and one of my favourite lunch places (hi Tinsel) with my friend Lisa! My favourite way to spend the weekend is probably indulging on coffee with friends living nearby. So all of you who don’t… Get your ass over to Antwerp! Yes, I’m most definitely talking to you, Robin.

On to the outfit then! On Valentine’s Day I received a free shipping + 14% off voucher from Monki, a brand that I used to be completely in love with but then kind of forgot about. I clicked through and started browsing the new collection, which resulted in me drooling over a huge, shapeless Vivianne dress that was in all ways very man-repelling and non-sexy. Robin carefully told me it was a “bag dress” (that’s what good friends are supposed to do), but I decided against her advice and ordered it anyway. The dress arrived only a few days after and I LOVED IT. Yes, it was huge and shapeless and everything I had imagined it to be, but it was also extremely cool and it looked great in combination with most of my wardrobe! For the ones interested: I’m wearing an S (I normally have M in everything) and am 1m77. I think this will be probably a case of extreme love or hate, but let me know what you think! Love/hate?


MONKI dress ∙ AMERICAN VINTAGE c/o scarf ∙ COACH bag