Dressed Up magazine

Since I work as a community manager and copywriter for the designer store group Princess in Antwerp a few days a week, I get to do a lot of cool projects besides my blog as well. One of those projects is our biannual online magazine DRESSED UP! For this magazine my job consists of the full creative…

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Veritas naaimagazine

Today’s update is slightly different than usual! Most of you guys know that I have been working as a model for over 8 years now, but that I am currently focussing more on other my occupations, such as this blog. However, there are few lovely clients that keep on booking me for their campaigns, and this…

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Out of the comfort zone, into the awesome zone

Me wearing these real cool pants is QUITE rare, guys. One year ago, when shopping, I would never, ever, ever have even touched these kind of trousers, because my ass looked fat in them. Wait, fat? I obviously just mean that they make my apple-shaped bottom look bigger than it is. Maybe you can relate to this, sooooo…

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