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Even though we’re moving in January and I can’t waaaait to get all of my stuff over to our new house, I still like to make an effort to keep my current apartment cozy. Getting the living room Autumn-proof doesn’t only mean adding orange flower arrangements, soft fuzzy cushions and extra plaids! UK fragrance brand…

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Wishlisted: brass Sissy Boy barcart

Yesterday the boyfriend and I finally signed the deed for our new house, so as from yesterday we’re officially house owners! WHATTTT. Never felt so grown up!!! The countdown unfortunately isn’t over yet: we still have to wait 2,5 months before we can actually move in, so you can imagine my impatience. I’m keeping myself…

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New rotan & straw interior pieces!

You know you’re growing up when you’re equally (or even more…?) excited about new interior stuff than about new fashion stuff! Yep! And this week I got preeeeetty excited, since I’ve added a few brand new pieces to my collection of stuff I need to put in moving boxes in a few months! Say hello…

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My Sissy Boy interior shopping haul

Oops, I did it again. I bought decorative pieces for our future house. But the huge advantage of shopping all of your interior stuff months in advance, is spreading the general cost of course! And I┬áprobably would totally regret it if I didn’t get the particular piece that would fit my home perfectly ­čÖé So,…

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We bought a house!
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Huge. News. A few days ago I told you that I had something exciting to share with you guys, and here we are. The boyfriend and I bought a house. A real house!! How did that happen? No idea, really. I’ve been working as a model for 10 years now (W.T.F., 10 years!) and I…

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