Celebrating my mum, my hero

Not only am I visually a 3 cm shorter copy of her, I’m also starting to take over my mum’s little habits and customs. The thing is that my mum always set a great example for me and taught me lots of important values in life. In the light of Rituals’ #givefromtheheart campaign I’d like to thank…

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Ready for the holidays

Just yesterday I decorated my apartment with lights and ornaments, Antwerp’s Christmas market is being set up as we speak and as I told you in my last post, I scored my mini Christmas tree last weekend… That can only mean one thing: the holidays are near! The coziest time of the year goes hand in hand…

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Get your tiny home ready for Christmas in 3 steps

Oh yes, with only 1 week to go until December, the Christmas fanatic in me is secretly going nuts! Last week I showed you my must-have gingerbread candle and today I’m sharing a few tips on how to get your tiny home ready for Christmas. Even if you only have limited space in your apartment…

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The Christmas candle you need this winter

We’re halfway November already so I’m totally allowed to bring up the subject “Christmas” by now! As a true Winter and Christmas lover I really enjoy hunting for new Xmas decoration every year. My favourite part is the Christmas candles: being surrounded by a warm and spicy scent is everything what I really want in Winter. Last…

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