Get your tiny home ready for Christmas in 3 steps

Oh yes, with only 1 week to go until December, the Christmas fanatic in me is secretly going nuts! Last week I showed you my must-have gingerbread candle and today I’m sharing a few tips on how to get your tiny home ready for Christmas. Even if you only have limited space in your apartment or room, you can totally integrate the holiday vibe in your interior! How?

1. Branch away

No room for a Christmas tree? A few tree branches in a beautiful vase can help you get in a festive mood immediately. If you go for large branches, you can even decorate these with ornaments, lights and bows!

2. Use your walls

You can get a long way with just a few thumbtacks and a string of lights. Hang these in the shape of a Christmas tree if you want to go all the jingly way.

3. It’s all in the details

A little wreath here, a lovely candle there. If you add a few tiny festive details, your home will quickly feel like the coziest place on earth. And don’t forget the delicious smell of homemade gingerbread cookies…




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