Into the blues

Woops, this is quite an old outfit that I completely forgot to share! Well, “quite old”; I wore this about a month ago when the sun treated us on a first warm Spring day. The boyfriend and I biked to a park nearby and spent the afternoon reading gossip magazines and working on crossword puzzles.…

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Blossoms, obviously

Welcome to the obligatory Spring cherry blossom photo series in which I seem to have lost something of great value in the grass and am desperately trying to find it without anybody noticing! Or I might just be checking out the unknown territory I found myself in. Because as a resident of the city of Antwerp since…

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The darling buds of may

Net zoals mijn vriend Shakespeare kan ik wel een boom of twee in bloei appreciëren. Naast zijn liefde voor roze, ben ik ook grote fan van zijn sense of fashion! Voor de gelegenheid haalde ik dus mijn meest romantische Romeo & Juliet-geïnspireerd hemd boven en dartelde ik dramatisch onder deze prachtige kersenbloesems! Klinkt Globe Theatre-worthy, toch?…

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