Lifegoal: the perfect night of sleep

Now that I got diagnosed with infectious mononucleosis a little while ago (I wrote about it here, don’t worry, in English it sounds a lot creepier than it is actually) and since there’s still some of the infection left in my blood, I cherish my sleep more than ever! Although I have survived several years with only…

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3 secret tips on how I use my little brown bottle

Beauty is not one of my most common topics here on the blog, but it is a topic that you guys are always interested in. I receive weekly questions about what shampoo I use, what my current favourite lipstick colour is and how I take care of my skin. Make-up and hair questions are always…

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Superwoman day and night, with Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair!

April has been a very intense month of massive changes, on both work and personal level. Because of long work hours, job juggling and overwhelming emotions I come home completely exhausted every evening, only to try and do it all over again for a 100% the next morning. These days my sleep is extremely valuable to me, since these few…

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