Stripes, braids & something pretty practical

On the first day of Lollapalooza festival I noticed a few girls sporting two braids in their hair, which looked both really epic and convenient to me. Wearing my hair down really is a huge task for me, since I’m constantly aware of those annoying loose locks in my neck and on my clothes. The next morning it took me some yoga-worthy poses in my bathroom to achieve more or less the same hairdo, but tadaa! I’m digging it!

Another convenient solution hidden in my outfit of the day is the scarf tied up on my shorts. It’s not just decoration: I had forgotten a belt and just used this bandana to keep my shorts from falling down on my knees. Ah, when fashion can be practical as well <3  Like?









Photos by Joy (Fashion Gamble)

H&M striped cotton shirt, LEVI’S vintage shorts, EVEN&ODD fringed bag via ZALANDO, H&M STUDIO glitter socks, NIKE Air Force sneakers, CALVIN KLEIN watch

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