The pink check shirt

One of my fave sale buys so far! I had seen a similar one at all time fave Stephanie Broek so when I saw this one between the crammed H&M sale racks, I knew I had to get it. For all of you asking, I got it in a size 42 and YES it’s available online. Find it right here!

Oh and guys, sorry for the huge leaps between my posts these days. July is typically a pretty calm month work-wise and since I figured that many of you are out there enjoying the Belgian or foreign heat, I took a small break too. I’ll get back to more regular posting soon, but of course you know that you can follow all my adventures on Instagram!

Speak to you soon! ♥

H&M pink check shirt, LEVI’S (gifted) denim, EDITED slippers, LONGCHAMP (collab) bag