5 pieces to score on sale

Sale shopping, one of my fave activities! I absolutely love looking for the best bargain and especially when it’s something that I’ve been eyeing for a long time. However, it’s not always that easy! There’s just SO much being offered, both online and offline, that it’s sometimes difficult to really estimate what you’re actually going…

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The pink check shirt

One of my fave sale buys so far! I had seen a similar one at all time fave Stephanie Broek so when I saw this one between the crammed H&M sale racks, I knew I had to get it. For all of you asking, I got it in a size 42 and YES it’s available…

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What to invest in during sales?

Sales have begun and GUILTY, I’ve already placed a few online orders… It’s pretty tempting to give in to literally everything that’s cheaper than 10 bucks, BUT it might be a good idea to give your sale shopping tactics a good thought. How to shop pieces that you will definitely still be on trend in…

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Survive the sales period with my shopping tips!

Sale shopping – you either love or hate the war zone! But one thing’s for sure: if you’re getting out there to score the best bargains, you better be prepared. What to wear? Where to go? What to buy? Discover my best tips in today’s CONTOUR video! If you haven’t subscribed to our channel yet,…

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#Sales tip

Really wouldn’t mind this oversized blue striped shirt with metallic ring in the back. From Zara, now only €25,99 instead of €39,95.

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