Off to Seville!

A few weeks ago I stopped by the doctor because I had been chronically exhausted for about two months at that point (think 9 hours of sleep at night and still having trouble to keep my eyes open during the day), and it turned out I had acquired infectious mononucleosis — that’s an unnecessarily difficult English word for klierkoorts in Dutch. Luckily the infection had left my body already, but the doctor strongly suggested that, next to taking extra vitamins and iron supplements, I’d take a lot of rest and if possible, a week off.

So when I came home, I googled “warm city Europe” and almost immediately booked a little getaway to Seville! My mom is joining me to this apparently very beautiful Spanish city, and we’re super curious if you have any tips for us! We’re leaving today and will be staying for 4 days so there’s plenty of time to explore the best musea, shops, bars and secret hidden gardens.

Let us know if you have any travel suggestions on Seville!