Never enough beige (and handbags)

Told you; I’ll never get enough of beige, and that goes for this beautiful, personalized bag too!

Just a quick little post today to show you this classic soft leather bag that I “designed” myself with Youbag. They invited me to test their concept that lets you personalize your own luxury leather product, which is in my case this handbag.

I opted for the Rana hobo model (although I was pretty tempted by the Almaaz bag and Leo body bag too) and chose this soft, mousse leather in a classic sand hue. I played around with the stitchings, colour in locks and lining and eventually ended up with a timeless piece that will fit my wardrobe for years to come.

It took about 4 weeks to transfer the bag from my imagination to my actual doorstep, which is pretty cool for a unique, handmade piece! I’m super excited about the concept, how about you?

*not sponsored, just gifted