Hello 2015

Oh hi, guys! And hi 2015! I wish I could tell you more about all my exciting New Years Eve adventures from last night (I probably fell asleep at 1 ‘o clock thanks to the red wine) but being a dedicated student on a tight schedule, I obviously wrote this post in advance. In any case, I’m a bit baffled by how quickly 2014 apparently flew by. The end of the year is usually quite a whirlwind due to exams, paper deadlines and of course holidays, which always makes me forget to stop for a minute and let it sink in that we’re approaching a new year. This realization only came about two days ago! Holy snap! So here we are, 2015. I don’t usually make resolutions for myself, but there are a few things that I’d like to achieve this year, like graduating from university, getting my photography/Lightroom skills more on point, increase my gym-visits (just because I like it!) and travel a looooot more. Let’s see if we can do this!

And now about the outfit! I’ve been DYING to show you this look we shot on Sunday morning, when the snow had just arrived and was still crispy and fresh <3 This outfit perfectly reflects the conclusions I made in my last post, where I made an overview of my favourite looks of 2014 and summarized that I’m definitely going for less instead of more, and that my new uniform colour palette consists of black, grey, white and camel. My beloved H&M knit and American Vintage scarf made a well-deserved appearance in this first outfit of the year, next to these really cool Polette sunglasses that you can entirely alter to your own preferences, my beautiful Coach bag which was the best birthday present ever AND my good old UGG military snow boots from a few seasons ago.

My brother and I had such fun exploring our snowy local parc that morning, and this of course yielded some beautiful scenery photographs. I hope you like them, as well as my “new” signature outfit! I’m really excited for new things to come in 2015, and I already wish you an amazing year with EPIC opportunities and lots of love! Now, have fun sleeping in late, battling that hangover, visiting the grandparents and over-eating yet again today! 😉

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MONKI coat ∙ H&M mohair knit ∙ BLANCO SUITE denim ∙ AMERICAN VINTAGE c/o scarf . COACH bag ∙ UGG AUSTRALIA c/o winter boots ∙ POLETTE c/o islamabad sunglasses
Photos by Wriemis
Editing by me