Favourite outfits of 2014

Uh-oh, I had quite a hard time deciding on my fave outfits of last month! In fact, one of my favourites is coming up on January 1st, so keep an eye on the blog at the beginning of the new year… In the meantime, you can see that grey and blue shades seemingly took over my winter wardrobe (might have to do with the hair colour change?), and that I’d currently wear anything fluffy really. Another observation is that left is most definitely the most interesting angle to look at this year. (The right side of my face is after all the side with the most impressive cheekbone-jaw game, ha!)
Anyway, if I’d have to compare my early 2014 style with the one I’m handling now, I’d say that I’ve been minimizing a lot more and have been more picky on my colour choices. It’s quite striking that literally all of my favourite outfits have a very neutral colour palette, which definitely indicates which road I should take in 2015. Anyway, I’m really curious to hear what your personal favourites of the year were, and if your list is somewhat analogous with mine! Find all of my 2014 outfits HERE. Let me know below in the comment section, and see you next year! xx
WINTER/SPRING: 1 ∙ 2 ∙ 3 ∙ 4
Say hello to the last post of 2014! To round up an eventful year full of ups and unfortunately also a few downs, but mainly with some real cool opportunities and a LOT of love, I decided to collect my favourite outfits of 2014.While I initially wanted to limit myself to somewhere between 5 or 10 outfits, it quickly turned out this would be impossible. Although my preferred outfits mainly situate themselves in the last few months, there are also a few early 2014 looks worth mentioning. In January I bought this camel coat at the Massimo Dutti sale, and it has become my favourite coat EVER. It literally goes with everything, and you’ll definitely see it again later on this summary and of course in 2015. Also hot in early 2014 was the camel x grey combo and wearing stuff on my head.
SUMMER:  1 ∙ 2 ∙ 3 ∙ 4

Onto summer then! Although I’m really bad at summer dressing (immediate tourist-feelings here), there are a few looks that I’m happy to look back to. For me the summer of 2014 was all about the revelation of the Birkenstock. After being very sceptic about these the year before, I totally gave in in July and took these babies with me to my Saint-Tropez holidays. Now even my boyfriend occasionally steals them! As you can see, the slouchier the better was most definitely my motto during the summer months. Wide shirts, maxi dresses/skirts and boyfriend jeans were my to-go pieces when temperatures were rising, and these will obviously return next summer.

AUTUMN: 1 ∙ 2 ∙ 3 ∙ 4
Say hello to my favourite season in terms of outfit-picking! We experienced an unusual warm autumn this year, which allowed me loads of fun knit-and-shorts combinations. That leather jacket has been absolutely perfect for these in between temperatures as well! When it got colder at last, I religiously sticked to my new leather legging addiction, preferably worn with a super large knit and a big scarf. I even managed to translate my maxi-anything adoration to autumn with this beautiful leopard print dress. Are you a fan too?
WINTER: 1 ∙ 2 ∙ 3 ∙ 4