Snow leopard

WOO! Yesterday I woke up to an enchanting world of snow! This is the first snow in Belgium in two years so I obviously wanted to build a snowmaaaaaaan. No, not really, but I was definitely excited to go out! So after a few hours of studying it was finally time for a short walk to soak up all the beautiful snow-covered fields, trees and buildings. The cold on your face is awesomely refreshing and always helps me energize during my study breaks.
Now, I’m wearing a few real treasures here! This huge furry Monki coat has been hidden in the back of my closet ever since I purchased it in Arhus last year. Yesterday it was FINALLY cold enough to pull it out and take it for a walk. Together with this fluff ball I’m wearing this beautiful Rebecca Minkoff bag, a super sweet Christmas present by Zalando! I don’t have any bag in this kind of blush shade, so I’m stoked to add this beauty to my collection. Also: UGGs. The 2005 high school trend of wearing UGGs, skinny jeans and a hoodie didn’t really appeal to me, but I wasn’t a hardcore hater either. I guess I just was indifferent… Until I tried on those damn fuzzy boots. SO COMFY. And pretty cool-looking too, am I right? UGG was so sweet to send me these studded babies to keep warm during winter, and they arrived just in time for the mini blizzard. I couldn’t be happier. Ok guys, I’m off for some more snow fun and modernist literature studying today! Have a great, cold and snuggly Sunday!


MONKI coat ∙ ZARA white knit ∙ VERO MODA grey denim ∙ LN BEANIES c/o beanie . REBECCA MINKOFF bag thanks to ZALANDO ∙ UGG AUSTRALIA c/o boots