2015 travel wishlist

One of my 2015 “resolutions” that I told you about in my last post was to travel more! Since I will be graduating this year, I’m crossing my fingers for some good old wandering through the world. I’m hoping for a bit less fog and a bit more technology than this guy had though. So instead of a regular wishlists, it’s now time for a 2015 travel wishlist!

The first destination I’d love to set foot in is Marrakech! The boyfriend and I have been dreaming of visiting this mysterious piece of North-Africa for quite a while, and we’re finally about to book a little mid-week holiday somewhere in the beginning of February. I can’t wait to sip mint tea all day, chill out at the hamam and discover the chaotic but enchanting Djemaa el Fna. Better start rehearsing my French…

Another place I’ve been dreaming of for some time (I blame you, Jessie) is Croatia! I actually have passed through the country on a little road trip years ago and have even made a blitz visit to Dubrovnik, but I feel like I want to explore A LOT more of the beautiful place. Also, I heard that Croatia has some impressive beaches! I’m usually not a water-person but a sailing holiday sounds pretty attractive to me.

Gutentag BerlinGermany may not sound very appealing in this list of exotic destinations, but the city of Berlin has this intruiging, really cool atmosphere of which I’d like to discover more. Second hand shopping, hipster spotting, drinking liters of coffee and of course visiting all of the WWII monuments are high on my to-do list! Summer or early autumn would probably be the best moment to explore Berlin, since I’ve been on a ski trip already. It does look really beautiful covered in snow though…
This last destination probably deserves the top spot in this “wish” list… Vietnam! Ever since visiting BangkokTaipei(and here), Koh Samui and Boracay Island on the Philippines for work a few years ago, I’ve been longing to go back to Asia and immerse myself in the fascinating culture, landscapes, food and beaches. Now that I’ve seen a tiny part of Thailand already, I’m really curious for one of it’s nearly-neighbour countries, Vietnam. I don’t have a specific reason for wanting to visit this particular place, but ever since I stumbled upon some pictures of Phu Quac (Chiara looking beautifuldoes help), my humble idea of heaven on earth, I can’t seem to get it out of my head. Malaysia has been on my wish list for quite a while as well, so I was happy my boyfriend dropped the word “Singapore” last week. Who knows!
Do you have some destinations you’d still love to visit? Or have you been to any of these?
PS: Tomorrow is my first exam so wish me luck! Buh-bye!