Dystopia: expect the unexpected


Hey guys! My apologies for not posting anything yet this week, but I’ve had one of my most difficult exams yesterday and another pretty heavy one (the last one though!) is coming up next Tuesday. Sooo I’m currently keeping busy with assessing the average lifespan of blue Bic pens instead of strolling around town with a camera chasing me. For this post I have made an exception though! Is that a festival outfit my little eye is spying…?

That’s right! And not just a random festival outfit, I’m wearing to announce a special occasion: Dystopia Festival. This festival is hosted by my boyfriend’s house music label (yup, the dude is a vuuuurry talented DJ, producer and all-round music wizard) Forest Walker Records so I’m obviously thrilled to be a part of it! On July 11 Dystopia aims at going back to the very basics of house music, introducing an impressive line-up with huge house legends such as Derrick Carter, DJ Carter, Ian Pooley, Paul Johnson, Flapjackers and many more. Doesn’t sound familiar? Maybe the location can steal your heart: the festival is held in front of an old fortress only a few kilometers out of the centre of Antwerp! In order to give you an exclusive sneak peek of this unique location my brother and I went on a shooting trip at this mysterious place where history, industry and music meet. Looks cool, right? YEP, I’m looking forward already!

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H&M fringed top & hat (old), LEVI’S vintage cut-offs, MANGO bag & boots (old)

Photos by Wannes Riemis, editing by me.