A mini insider’s guide to Antwerp


Holla! Since many of you regularly contact me asking for secret hotspots in Antwerp, I’m taking you on a mini trip through my city today! We’re skipping the obvious must-sees like Groenplaats, Nationalestraat and MAS Museum and will dig more into places where a local would rather spend its free (tourist-less) time. Oh yeah, and that local would be me 😉 Standardly joining me to my favourite hangouts is my Emmi CAFFÈ LATTE drink, the easy-to-go iced coffee I’m slightly addicted to in summer. It’s delicious, affordable and it easily fits all of my bags, aka my perfect companion whenever I need a quick energy boost. Okay guys, grab your notebooks to write down tips and… ready, hotspot, go!

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1. Quiet work break at Harmoniepark

Of all parks in Antwerp my preference has always gone out to the lovely Harmoniepark. It has a very interesting, modern and open set-up which creates a quiet haven for a moment of rest in the midst of the hectic city life. The park has recently had a complete make-over; even the beautiful graffiti art on the old buildings has been refreshed. I love to come here for a quick coffee fix with my Emmi CAFFÈ LATTE Espresso between meetings or classes; the perfect energy boost to kick ass for the rest of the day. Have you ever been there? It’s a more unknown park but so easily to get to from wherever you are in Antwerp!

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2. Warm weekends at Park Spoor Noord

This park is located a bit out of the city centre but totally worth the short bike ride when you’re in for a long picknick break with friends! Equipped with free BBQ spots, playgrounds, the really great Cargo Zomerbar with beach chairs and lots of water, Park Spoor Noords really offers some fun for every member of the family. I biked there with Lisa last week to relax a bit after my exam and enjoy the sun. For a quick refreshment in the sun I slipped my all time favourite iced coffee in my bag; the Emmi CAFFÈ LATTE Macchiato Light. Ah, those little (delish!) moments in life <3

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3. Long evenings at Mechelseplein

My final secret hotspot is basically my frontyard and my favourite place to spend epic nighttime adventures! Some of my favourite bars are located at Mechelseplein, but the square easily lends itself for fun gatherings and events as well. Tomorrow marks the start of 4 days of Mechelsepleinfeesten for example, a lovely neighbourhood event with music performances, vintage markets and parties! I personally just love to hang around here, drink a yum Emmi CAFFÈ LATTE Capuccino and catch up with friends. Oh, and you won’t find many tourists here so dress local, act normal and enjoy 😉

So what do you say; are you up for a trip to Antwerp anytime soon?
Photos by Lisa M, editing by me.
This post was created in partnership with Emmi CAFFÈ LATTE.