An inconvenient but quite photogenic festival outfit

If you’re following me on Snapchat (@pielaunio!) you probably have noticed that two weeks ago I attended a festival called Dystopia Festival. It’s a brand new house music festival near Antwerp of which my boyfriend does the creative directing and stage managing! Pretty cool, right? For the occasion I decided to dress up happy, bright and all white! A white dress probably isn’t the most convenient piece to wear to a festival because, a) white, and b) dress but since I would just go home in the evening I figured that it would survive.

When I was in Berlin for a super short visit earlier this month, I went straight to Monki, a store that I still have mixed feelings about. The interior is horribly kitschy and colourful, but on the other hand I find it brilliantly different, intriguing and fun! I feel the same about the clothes, actually. As their tagline says: they put the smile back in fashion. They were just having summer sales so I snatched up this cool dress in white and blue/striped! Liking it?








MONKI dress, ZARA bag, LE SPECS sunglasses, SACHA sneakers, MANGO earrings

Photos by Lisa M, editing by me.

  • LOVE!

  • heel leuk, girly maar niet te!

  • Woooop eerste berichtje voor Pol de Createur 😉 TOPoutfit! Misschien niet helemaal hotdog-proof, maar it looks good! X

  • Kim

    Hopelijk volgend jaar weer hier achter de hoek, dan houd ik mijn weekend vrij. Jammer dat ik het dit jaar moest missen.

  • Daisy

    Heb je normale maat genomen in het kleedje of eentje kleiner?

  • What a nice and fresh outfit for a festival! I love the touch of color given by the bag.

  • Lovely outfit, I love it especially your adorable bag, thanks for sharing, you look stunning!!!