An imaginary #PFW look

Although I really enjoyed Copenhagen fashion week, I unfortunately had to skip other fashion weeks this season. That doesn’t mean I can’t participate in wearing awesome outfits, am I right? Here’s a look I’d instantly wear to Paris FW!

The end of September traditionally stands for this slightly confusing transition from Summer to Autumn wear, so I happily used this theme to create a fresh outfit that would suit both seasons. I mainly played around with striking contrasts: light and heavy materials such as cotton and corduroy, Summer and Autumn colours such as white and camel and different cut-outs and lenghts such as a V-neck and midi skirt.

But to really transport this look straight to fashion week, it has to stand out with glamourous, eye-catching and high-quality accessories — especially when we’re talking about Paris, naturellement. This KAAI Heroïne bag 100% does the trick! It ticks all the trend boxes of the season, including its chocolate brown hue, its croco-like texture and the very portable size. Easy to carry with or without a crossbody strap. And did I mention it’s a limited edition? Anything that’s this exclusive is the perfect fit for fashion week!

I’ve been wearing this Belgian design bag all month to several different occasions and can totally recommend it for its luxurious looks and cleverly designed interior. No need to actually go to fashion week to wear it — the Heroïne is the ideal everyday accessory that upgrades any outfit. Oh, and there’s another slightly bigger version of this bag that you can wear as a very convenient backpack too! Do I hear you office ladies scream?

 What do you say? Instant croco love or do you still have to get used to the trend?

Photography by Floor Knuyt

Created in collaboration with KAAI, all words, opinions & experiences are my own.