Affordable label crush: Collusion

While scrolling through ASOS the other night, my eye was caught by a young, urban-looking label called Collusion. Let me introduce you to my latest discovery!

Situation: I was hanging on my couch all by myself on a Saturday night, heavily jetlagged and in the midst of surviving a strong cold as well. What do you do to feel better besides drinking tea and lighting all the candles you own? Yup, online window shopping!

So during my scrolling session on ASOS, I noticed a few interesting items that seemed pretty affordable too. Think the ultimate basics like a beautiful ribbed one-shoulder knit and the perfect black cami top, but also lots of bright printed on-trend items like velvet puffer jackets and yellow check shirts. And the most expensive item I could find was about €90! COOL.

A quick round of Google learned me that ASOS launched the brand new label Collusion, “built for a new generation united in their pursuit for inclusivity and representation.” The label remains gender non-conforming (clothes for EVERYONE yay!) and is designed to mix and match. It doesn’t only sound good, but it looks pretty good as well! These are a few of my favourite items:

I ordered a few pieces myself and am super curious for the quality and fit! Have you seen anything you like too?

PS: click on the image to immediately head to the piece!