H&M Conscious Collection: that skirt!

Uh oh… I already have so many reasons to be envious of the drop dead gorgeous and extremely charming Olivia Wilde, and yesterday evening I found yet another one. The lady did not only contribute to a beautiful sustainable collection by H&M Conscious Exclusive, she also got to wear the most prominent piece of it: this flowy skirt. The skirt of my dreams. It is made of organic linen and recycled polyester and has an amazing texture.

Call it true love, un coup de foudre or just plain shallowness: when I saw it flowing by on the catwalk, I knew I needed it! I tried it on for over three times and although it looked absolutely magical on me, my common sense took over and I didn’t buy it. Which I obviously regret now. What do you say guys; should I go look for it in store or just stay away from it as far as possible? Yay or nay?

IMG_5183 kopie

IMG_5153 kopie

IMG_5181 kopie

H&M CONSCIOUS EXCLUSIVE silk skirt ∙ STEVE MADDEN c/o snake heels