My very first suit!


You guys, how smoothly am I adding a chic to my casual lately? Earlier this week I have been spamming your computers and phones with the most royal-worthy enchanting princess skirt ever and today I am presenting you no less than a SUIT! No worries, the days of denim are never over, but I must admit that since I started doing Kayla and since I started being extra happy with myself I have been obsessively trying on other kinds of fabrics to decorate my legs with. It feels extremely liberating to finally have more options to choose from pants-wise, so YEP my summer wardrobe is going to be all about comfy pyjama and palazzo pants. And why not start with a suit? A real suit.

Ever since I saw AfterDRK’s Sabrina showing off her enviable Maison Martin Margiela suit, I wanted one of my own as well. There is something so mature, sexy and chic but also playful and laid-back to a two-piece like that, and that’s exactly the style I’m aiming for. To make it even more playful, my first suit turned out not be a classic black one but an eye-catching floral one! When exactly was the last time you saw me wearing florals? Probably here in 2012. So, this soft Comptoir des Cotonniers suit managed to win my heart and received a prominent spot in my closet. I have worn it a couple of times already, but this simple laid-back combination has been my favourite so far!

What do you think? Do you have a suit, or would you like one as well?

COMPTOIR DES COTONNIERS c/o floral suit ∙ HUSH c/o white tee ∙ POLETTE sunglasses
COS scarf ∙ RIB & HULL leather tote bag ∙ CALVIN KLEIN c/o watch ∙ SACHA c/o shoes
Photos by Wannes Riemis