Yup, I caved in!

Remember when I wrote about those fantastic embroidered slippers I spotted at Zara? After two weeks of googling them/staring at my photo/showing the to the boyfriend nearly every day, I finally caved! They’re on-trend, actually surprisingly comfortable and super affordable as well. And since my little online shop has done so well already, I decided to treat myself on these babies 🙂 Happy gal!

What do you think about them? Super chic or so not for you? If you’re a fan too, you can find them at the Zara shop here.


  • Evran Rose

    Love these!!!!!! I want them now too, they look
    amazing on you!

  • Natali

    And yup, they are quite amazing! 🙂


  • These are the perfect Zara purchase the shoes will last as long as the trend. What I mean by that is ” don’t pay a lot for on trend items ” save those big expensive purchases for the classics! I love the slippers they can add interesting detail to an outfit and suit your style . Jandrew
    Dress The Part

  • They look so luxurious, I can’t believe they are from Zara! Great find!


  • Yay! I was thinking about them all the time, so obviously I had to get them :-))