Travel: visit the Ourika valley in Marrakech

Since my Marrakech diary was so bulky already, I decided to share these photos on another moment, being today! As I have already told you, we booked a private tour with a local driver to discover the Atlas Mountains nearby Marrakech.

Cool dude Hassan drove us to the Ourika valley, where a few local Barber communities have settled down years ago. There are a few obligatory tourist stops on the road, which our driver luckily ignored, but where you can most likely score some beautiful local products. The first village in the valley we passed by is Tnine Douar de l’Ourika, which appears to be the central shopping and business spot for the entire region. Next to the Ourika river we spotted some adorable looking restaurants that seem to very popular with tourists during high season. Luckily they’re no tourist trap: so many colourful photo opportunities, extremely friendly people and delicious food for great prices!

After a 1,5h drive we finally ended up in a village called Setti Fatma at 1500m. Here we hired a local guide for a firm walk through the mountains. We climbed all the way up to 2000m to enjoy the impressive views ànd waterfalls!

Come along…


I suppose I don’t have to stress that visiting the Ourika Valley is a TOTAL recommendation, right? Go there, people! But don’t forget to wear appropriate shoes and clothing, though. Climbing rocks with Converses is not cool.

Happy Saturday!