Blending in with early Autumn

Am I finally growing up? A few years ago I decided that browns and neutrals were boring and not for me, and that strong colours and black would make me look edgy and fun. Lately, however, I’ve been leaning towards soft and natural tones more and more! This soft palette with an olive colored knit…

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Less is more

Or wait, I am actually wearing a giant sheep coat that makes heads turn everywhere I go. But still, the rest of the outfit is just a compilation of some basics every girl should own. Number one: a decent pair of jeans. Almost all of my denim is Levi’s because they simply have the best…

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The darling buds of may

Net zoals mijn vriend Shakespeare kan ik wel een boom of twee in bloei appreciëren. Naast zijn liefde voor roze, ben ik ook grote fan van zijn sense of fashion! Voor de gelegenheid haalde ik dus mijn meest romantische Romeo & Juliet-geïnspireerd hemd boven en dartelde ik dramatisch onder deze prachtige kersenbloesems! Klinkt Globe Theatre-worthy, toch?…

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