Denmark camper roadtrip: Møn

My Denmark roadtrip series is kicking off today with a post on our trip in general and our first destination, Møn! On my Instagram you’ve probably seen the boyfriend and I passing through the country of Denmark in a camper (#pielaunindenmark) and since so many of you have asked me about that experience, I’ve decided to…

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Our Denmark road trip video!

For the full road trip report and guide you’ll have to wait just a little bit longer, but our Denmark roadtrip vlog is live already! Check it out right now and don’t forget to subscribe to the CONTOUR channel for more video updates!

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NUXE Instinctive Beauty (+win!)

These days the media shows off so much artificial beauty that you sometimes feel like your natural face just doesn’t fit in anymore. Luckily there are still people and brands left that are striving for more diversity, more honesty and more natural beauty. French skincare brand NUXE presents a liberating vision in which women reconnect with their inner nature. With…

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Turning 26 today!

Little birthday gal over here! Yey! 25 has been — hands down — the single best year of my life so far and I know it will only get better from here on. So helloooooo 26, I’m so ready for you! And what better place to start another fantastic year than in beautiful Denmark? Follow more…

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