Denmark camper roadtrip: Møn

My Denmark roadtrip series is kicking off today with a post on our trip in general and our first destination, Møn! On my Instagram you’ve probably seen the boyfriend and I passing through the country of Denmark in a camper (#pielaunindenmark) and since so many of you have asked me about that experience, I’ve decided to make several posts on our different destinations!

First of all: why Denmark? We only had one week off so initially we just wanted to chase the sun in France, but after scrolling through some French camping websites we were pretty horrified by the photos of screaming kids in the pool. Instead, we were looking for quiet and peace. Something more like the photo below:

We bumped into a similar photo when deciding to check out the entire other direction, up North, and immediately decided: Denmark it is! Because YES, that exotic view that could easily be Tulum is most definitely located in Denmark. Find out where!

The drive

Let’s talk about the camper thing first. Although I’ve had some experience traveling with a mobilhome as a kid but this was a very first for the boyfriend, we both were equally excited when Mobicar offered us a camper for a week! This is something we had been daydreaming about for a while, so the offer came as the perfect moment to take a short week off and be adventurous with just the two of us.

Driving a camper?

At first the camper itself felt huge on the road but super cozy on the inside, and luckily it only took us a few kilometers to get used to driving this baby. Driving around Denmark was super easy and beautiful: the roads are quiet, the views are absolutely stunning and the camper was so comfortable. We immediately experienced that being able to stop literally anywhere and pulling out your tables and chairs for a quick lunch is such a luxury.

How long?

A car trip from Antwerp to Møn takes about 9 hours, but do add some extra time for queues in Germany and food stops of course. Because we left home in the evening, we did look for a cute spot to sleep. From the South of Denmark you can take a ferry to our first destination, Møn, or you can drive around and opt for the bridge. We chose for the bridge because it’s more affordable and we wanted to see plenty of the landscape during our ride.


First destination: Møn, pronounced as Moen I think. We just googled for beautiful places in Denmark and stumbled upon some ah-ma-zing photos of the peninsula. Møn is known for its white cliffs (Møns Klint) and exotic sea views, but also for its spacious lands and beautiful nature.

Our stay

Another quick round of google left us with 1 or 2 camping sites on the entire island. We opted for the most famous one, Camping Mons Klint and made a reservation through email a few days in advance.

Upon arrival they told us to pick a spot anywhere we liked (wait, what?) and the quiet and laid back pace of this camping place immediately struck us. We were surprised by the other visitors not being old people, but mainly couples and more adventurous types with bikes. Nice! We parked our camper towards the East — hello morning sun — and started off a few days of good old camping life.

The camping life

Our first two days in Denmark mainly consisted of reading books, cooking dinner (we brought tons of food from home), fishing, making crossword puzzles and cooking more dinner! In other words: the camping life. The weather wasn’t too exotic, but we were prepared for some chillier days and especially nights — candles, blankets, extra socks. Luckily we did have plenty of sun every single day, so still lots of holiday feels around!

Another special note on Møn… This island has the very first Dark Sky Park in Scandinavia, which basically means that our camping is one of the best places in the world to look at the stars! How AWESOME is that!

We celebrated my 26th birthday with champagne in front of our camper under the most amazing sky we had ever seen, and life was goddamn perfect.

Møns Klint

Or the number one reason to go the peninsula of Møn! These impressive white chalk cliffs (up to 120m high!) are a very sudden, bizar but mostly insanely beautiful phenomena after you’ve been walking through the island’s green fields and woodlands. There’s plenty of walking trails in the area around the 6km long cliffs so this one’s for the nature lover!

No words needed here, join along:

Et voila, that was my little report on our first Denmark destination! Coming up next: Copenhagen!

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