NUXE Instinctive Beauty (+win!)

These days the media shows off so much artificial beauty that you sometimes feel like your natural face just doesn’t fit in anymore. Luckily there are still people and brands left that are striving for more diversity, more honesty and more natural beauty.

French skincare brand NUXE presents a liberating vision in which women reconnect with their inner nature. With the Instinctive Beauty campaign they want to encourage women to feel beautiful without having to rely on artificial intervention. To celebrate this vision, NUXE asked choreographer and movement coach Benjamin Millepied to create his first film about Instinctive Beauty. You can find the powerful, sensual and stimulating video right here!

NUXE invited me to share my own interpretation of Instinctive Beauty as well; a challenge that I happily accepted. For me instinctive beauty really comes to life when traveling. On holidays you’re liberated from certain beauty standards of society like wearing extra make-up or complying to a certain dresscode: you can just carelessly be yourself in a foreign country with your favourite people around. The only thing you need to feel beautiful, is a touch of sunshine on a radiant skin.

Result? I left most of my make-up at home and took the NUXE new formula Huile Prodigieuse and Crème Fraiche de Beauté hydrating cream with me to Denmark! On the peninsula of Møn we witnessed nature’s incredible beauty and for a moment we even felt like the only people in the world. The perfect time to show you guys that traveling is my way to happiness, and that happiness instantly creates beauty.




Oh, and I have some really great news for you too… If you want to feel that careless and instinctive holiday vibe throughout the rest of the year, you can now add the new formula Huile Prodigieuse and Crème Fraiche de Beauté hydrating cream to your own beauty cabinet!


Watch Benjamin Millepied’s film here and let me know your favourite scene in the comments of this blogpost! My favourite imagery is when she gets woken up by the sun and immediately radiates a tranquil power and beauty.

The competition runs until September 8 and is open internationally. The winner will be announced on my Instagram page. Don’t forget to add your contact information to your comment! Good luck!


In collaboration with NUXE / Photos by Daan Schepers