#French Friday

Although I was a bit hesitant about the beret being back, I did a little celebration dance when I found this vintage baby in the back of my wardrobe! And after wearing it for five minutes, I was sold again. So here we go, the beret! Wore this for a coffee & lunch at Barchel…

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A lazy day off

Wow guys, life all of a sudden got pretty hectic! I went from nearly no jobs to a 100% fully booked in August — I guess that’s the way a freelancer rolls, right? And in the meantime I’m still trying to prepare next week’s road trip through Denmark (thanks for all of your tips guys!) AND…

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Dressed Up magazine

Since I work as a community manager and copywriter for the designer store group Princess in Antwerp a few days a week, I get to do a lot of cool projects besides my blog as well. One of those projects is our biannual online magazine DRESSED UP! For this magazine my job consists of the full creative…

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