A Coachella look I’d wear

Soooo Coachella is officially OVER and I’m currently waiting for my flight to go home — booooo. I’ll tell you all about this fantastic trip and festival soon (OMG BEYONCE), but let me share a fun little outfit idea for your next festival first! Someone told me that on day 1 of Coachella you dress…

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My 10 favourite Antwerp hotspots!

Being an Antwerp resident for over 6 years now, I felt super flattered that the Antwerp tourist office asked me to collaborate for their website Visit Antwerpen! They invited me to list my 10 favourite urban fashion and lifestyle hotspots in my hometown, which was a super difficult task. There are just SO many fun…

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Polienne around the clock 3

Another episode of Polienne around the clock that takes you to Amsterdam! This time only for a super quick breakfast meeting, which I will tell you all about later in my report. First of all I need to excuse myself for these two selfie shots that feature exactly the same Wiske face. I think I’m rather…

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