The Parisian balcony

Having a garden in Paris is an unimaginable luxury, and I reckon that having even a little balcony is more of a dream than reality. I don’t have a balcony myself in my Antwerp apartment, and I kind of miss that freedom to get outside for just a moment without actually having to present yourself to the world.…

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A day off in Paris: a diary

Ah, Paris. A few months ago I’ve mentioned in a Paris blogpost that I’ve always slightly questioned the idyllic, romanticized idea of the city of love. As a tourist I was immediately scared away by the huge amounts of people, and as a model I always ended up at suburbs that weren’t quite Pinterest-worthy. But I’ve learned…

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Spring moment in Paris

Happy bank holiday, you guys! Any plans to spend this 1st of May off? This tired face slept pretty late this morning after a super busy but fantastic week. Besides the Antwerp press days (which is all about catching up, networking and planning new collaborations – tiring much!) I managed to schedule not one but two trips…

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