Flea market finds!

Ahhh, weekends are MADE for flea markets! I take treasure hunting very seriously, although I haven’t managed to go before 11AM 😉 I often go at the end of the day, when people really want to get rid of their last pieces. And that’s when the real bargains can be found! The sellers usually dread…

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Jo Malone goodness
Beauty, Home

Even though we’re moving in January and I can’t waaaait to get all of my stuff over to our new house, I still like to make an effort to keep my current apartment cozy. Getting the living room Autumn-proof doesn’t only mean adding orange flower arrangements, soft fuzzy cushions and extra plaids! UK fragrance brand…

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My Sissy Boy interior shopping haul

Oops, I did it again. I bought decorative pieces for our future house. But the huge advantage of shopping all of your interior stuff months in advance, is spreading the general cost of course! And I probably would totally regret it if I didn’t get the particular piece that would fit my home perfectly 🙂 So,…

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