A secret, budget-proof interior tip…

As we’re slowly putting together the entire interior of our future house (moving in January 8th, less than a month to go!), I keep on discovering more and more interior and decoration gems. I personally love mixing up luxurious pieces with velvet or gold finishing with more boho-like items with a rotan or linen touch. And the good thing is that not all things that look luxurious should be super expensive! Treasure-hunting is one of my fave side activities, so you can imagine I’ve created quite the list of to-go shops for budget-proof interior pieces.

Among that list is today’s focus: Kwantum. My Belgian readers might recognize the name of this shop and might even associate it with cheap, crappy stuff BUT they have totally stepped up their game. When I passed by last week, I was AMAZED by their current collection. They basically had my entire Pinterest board stalled out in store, but then for a way more friendly price.

Proof? The marble and golden-look side table is €35, the round velvet footrest is €65 (I’ve seen dark blue and mustard in store too by the way) and those stunning vases are all between €3,5 and €8 a piece.

Start. Shopping. Now.

All pieces are available in store or online! Online shopping is only available in Flanders, I’m afraid. This is not a sponsored post by the way, just sharing some amazing tips with you 😉