Polienne around the clock 2

The last few weeks have been pretty busy and that’s because next to my 3 day job (social media manager and copywriter) and my 4 day job (blogger), I’ve also been catching up on modeling again. After 6 years of modeling I kind of let it rest a bit to focus on my other ambitions, but with my new haircut there are a few clients that have gained renewed interest and have booked me for their campaigns. I have no intentions to move to Milan and try to book a Vogue cover over 800 drop dead gorgeous girls, but for now it’s fun to do be back in business.

A little while ago I did a shoot for one of my fave lifestyle/fashion clients Veritas, and I can’t wait to show you the results! Here’s how my day looked:


Morning! My alarm clock went off pretty early since call time on set was 8AM. One thing to be happy about: no problem if you look like crap, make-up is awaiting!



One thing that I really love about being on the road this early, is public transportation. Trams and buses are super quiet and it’s dark outside so you can still snooze a little bit.

clock1 clock2


Straight into make-up! I do have to point out that I yet again woke up too late to have breakfast so I was being super hungry the entire morning. A very bad habit, but thank god for latte macchiato with lots of milk to fill up the stomach.

clock3 clock4


Ready to shoot! Here’s how an average backstage room looks like: a huge inspiration board and lots and lots of clothes all over the place.

clock5 clock6


I was booked for 1,5 day and worked together with this lovely lady on the first half day. Always fun to shoot with multiple models at a time, so you can have a quick rest in between your photos. Ahhh.



Except when things don’t work out immediately, then the waiting game starts…



A quick preview of what will be in store soon…



Lunch time! One of the reasons why Veritas is one of my favorite clients, MAY be the lunches… Photographer An has some epic cooking skills and always surprises the team with homemade and super healthy meals! On the menu: vegetarian chili with tacos, lots of dips and a veggie Mexican salad. Yum!

clock10 clock11


Done shooting for the first half day! I had to be at my other job in the afternoon, so rushed straight from the studio to the office.



Office time! Checking emails, updating social media channels, selecting photos, planning newsletters and having a pretty delicious Vietnamese pho soup in between.



And a little shoot afterwards! I work for the Princess group, which has 7 stores including 2 kids stores. I got to do my first styling for the current lookbook, which was really exciting.



Dinner is served! My boyfriend is an excellent cook and treated me on some old school spaghetti bolognese. One of my favourites really.



Passed out on the couch watching crap reality tv. Awesome.


Et voilà, yet another peek into my daily life! Do you like these kind of posts?