Monday thoughts on blogging

Hi friends! If you’re an avid Creators reader, you’ve probably seen Anouk’s blogpost about the future of blogging (and Creators Of Desire) last week. If you haven’t done so yet, I strongly recommend that you do, because it’s a topic that I personally have thought about a lot in the past year! Something that I strongly agree with, is that

[…] a blog has changed from online diary as primary channel to being a medium next to other big channels on which you reach your reader base. Thus blogging is not dead, I do think bloggers have to approach their blogs differently. Their social channels have become leading, where it used to be vice versa. If you manage to deliver depth and actually add value, showing a different side of you on the blog, it still can be a powerful medium. It’s all about how to put together your brand story via different channels.

This, together with Anouk’s motherhood taking over, has caused us to rethink the concept of Creators Of Desire. For now both of us will still be blogging here, but things may change in the future! I suggest that you read Anouk’s post and share your opinion.

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