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A category that used to be super popular when I just started out blogging, was my “A Day In The Life”. In these posts I guided you guys through my day by snapping a photo every hour. I’m still not entirely sure why I stopped doing these posts years ago, so why not start again? A brand new name for a “new” category: here’s what I did last Sunday!


On Sundays I usually sleep until 11 or so (I’m a horrible morning person) but since I had quite a busy day ahead, I set my alarm clock at 9.30. How pretty are my Etam pajamas by the way?



That of course didn’t really go as planned… I snoozed until 10 and then finally got up.



Breakfast! I usually just throw some muesli and nuts in a bowl and mingle it with soy yoghurt. Not so Instagram-worthy, so for this diary I did my best to make my breakfast bowl look more or less attractive. And other vast companions are green tea and fresh raspberries.



Remember when I used to be a devoted Kayla Itsines-victim last year? I worked out about 4 times a week and got super fit, but when Summer ended and I started working I kind of forgot about going to the gym. From December I’m finally back on track, although I’m taking it more easy and try to work out 2-3 times a week now. A quick round of lunges and crunches at home counts as well!



Time to pack! I was invited for a Levi’s dinner and party in Amsterdam, and since we were staying until Monday morning I obviously had to grab some things.



And a quick make-up fix with some new favourite budget products: this H&M concealer in ivory and & Other Stories foundation (now on sale!).



Off we go!



I met up with my party buddies, blogger Elien and PR-lady Sayrade. Our journey to Amsterdam in a mini van got a looooot more fun with Joy Anna‘s DJ skills and a great supply of champagne in an American red cup. Classy!



We checked in at The Hoxton, the boutique hotel that only opened a few months ago in Amsterdam that I was super curious for! Neat brick walls, old photo boots, recycled paper breakfast bags and vintage bicycles: the interior is so hipster that my Snapchat account almost couldn’t handle it. But apart from it’s achingly trendy status, I have to admit that the atmosphere is super cozy, the location is just perfect and the beds are INSANELY comfortable. A must-visit when you’re in Amsterdam and have some spare cash!



Hello fabulous room!!



Off to the Levi’s flagship store in the Kalverstraat.



Here we had a fun fitting session to find our perfect 501 fit. I picked these 501 CT boyfriend jeans of which I have a trashed version already. This classic vintage blue wash has been on my wishlist for so long already, so I’m super happy that I finally got my hands on it!



After the fitting we had some spare time to get ready for the dinner and party later on that night. I shared a room with blogger bud Migalski, and we decided to chill out and dance to Justin Bieber (I’m guilty) instead of prettifying ourselves.



And there we are! The Levi’s dinner took place at ArtDeli, an all-round creative space where you can dine, drink, shop and enjoy art. Only a handful of influencers were invited, so it was pretty fun to see some familiar faces and meet new interesting people. We had some delicious food and equally delicious wine, resulting in a pretty epic party.




I sort of forgot to photograph my outfit, but I wore my new 501 CT’s, a white River Island blouse, glitter socks and Zara sandals. Check out my look here below. Oh, and if you’re on Snapchat you’ve probably seen a few glorious party images and videos. Sorry for that! Someone really should take away my phone when I’m partying.

And my drink too, maybe…



Anyways, that’s it! I hope you enjoyed this post, and do let me know in the comments if you’d be interested in reading loads more of these kind of posts in the future! xx