Personal style goals: spring 2015

This is how I want to look like this spring. After reading a lot about the 5 Piece French Wardrobe system and Into Mind (an excellent blog about minimalism) I was left with ambiguous feelings. On one hand these systems seemed way too radical for a spontaneous shopper like me, but on the other hand I felt like I needed a plan. A plan that would help me creating my own ultimate wardrobe!

Throughout the years my personal dress code has made a huge evolution already, and now I really want to refine and perfect it. How to? Last season I made a Pinterest board with about 30 photos of looks that I felt were 100% my style (or the style I was/am aiming for), and I used these to determine whether I should add a piece to my wardrobe or not. The items should have a great fit, feel comfortable on my body, be mostly made of sustainable materials and stand out as pieces that would complete my wardrobe. The results turned out really great: I nearly haven’t bought any bad bargains so far! Yesterday I finally started browsing for spring looks I’d wear in a heartbeat, which turned out pretty easy since most of the outfits are an extension of the winter looks. Now, similar to last season this post should serve as a guideline every time I go out shopping. New pieces I buy should always relate to one of these 10 rules, or better: resolutions. Curious already?

1. Cardigans to live in

My knit obsession continues this spring, although the focus seems to shift from sweaters to cardigans. I like them huge, chunky and ankle-length but they may be more subtle and preppy as well. My preferred colours are nudes, camels and greys. I however must confess that the bright blue one I saw at Zara last week keeps returning in my dreams…

2. Preppy Pielaun

Speaking of preppy: it appeared to me that the ONE thing (except for headwear) that kept coming back in my style the previous years was a preppy touch. Whether it be a little collar, a big shiny watch or a nicely tucked in shirt, the preppy girl in me will be more than happy to embrace this little detail!

3. Birks are back

Oh yes! Although I was a bit hesitant at first (your feet do look quite big all of a sudden) I’m now entirely sold. My feet have not been this happy during summer as when I was 12 and my mom had me wear some kind of orthopedic sandals. After years of wearing cheap and bad quality H&M and Zara sandals, the Birks are quite a relief. And yes, I think they look damn cool. Oh, and all other kind of slides as well by the way!

4. Minimalize

As you can see in my inspiration pictures above, I tend to pick neutral colours and combinations. Greys, blacks and camels are my current favourites! By minimalize I also mean: discovering new ways of wearing my current wardrobe. Take my camel coat for example! It’s a true chameleon piece that I can wear with literally everything, without making it seem boring. Most of my clothes can be worn in several other ways than I have worn them before so I should really try to make new combinations in order to buy less stuff.

5. Bigger & bolder

Wait, didn’t I just tell myself to minimalize? Of course, but I’m not the prototype of Scandinavian normcore chick, am I? La Pielaun likes oversized (a LOT), but also layering, mixing up and even adding some prints! I have a pretty impressive collection of headwear ranging from hats to beanies to turbans to flower crowns, and I should definitely take them out more. Also: think adding scarves, fur vests, sunglasses and different prints! As 2 Fabiola once told us…

6. Print mixing

I’m not really good at this print-thing, unless it’s stripes or leopard. Preferably both of them mixed! I find other prints quite difficult to integrate in my closet, but I think it’s worth the try. Spring is the perfect excuse to add a few easy breezy pieces to my closet, which can include boho prints or checks. Pretty sure these will look great with stripes. Or leopard.

7. New lengths

And by new lengths I mean LONGER. No mini skirts for me (been there…) but XL all the way! Yes, the oversized-obsession continues. Luckily the dude really likes me in maxi dresses, and that’s something I’d love to wear some more. Something he won’t be particularly happy about, is that I’m planning to wear even more knits-to-drown-in and non-feminine-boyfriend-jeans. Oh, and the cardigans I talked about earlier; they apply to this rule as well!

8. Moaarrrr denim

I’ve mentioned it already, but my love for denim has been growing every month ever since I put on that one pair of black skinny jeans in 2011. The past year has been all about the boyfriend denim, but I feel like my skinny jean game is getting back on point lately. Especially since I dug up some scissors to destroy them!

9. Walking on clouds

While back when I started this blog I regularly took out my high heels or ankle boots for a stroll, almost uniquely flat shoes have been taking over my shoe closet lately. My boyfriend is a bit shorter than me and I think that wearing flat shoes whenever around him (eh, always?) has made me quite lazy. When only even thinking of an ankle boot with a 5cm heel I’m already mentally moaning and complaining. Nope, I prefer sneakers and flat boots! On my spring 2015 wishlist is a pair of bad ass cowboy (-inspired) boots. I haven’t got any luck in finding them, so drop me a line if you know any brands selling these kind of boots!

10. Say yes to the dress

The downside of my denim obsession is that I have almost entirely neglected my dress collection, which used to be pretty huge. Nowadays the amount of dresses in my closet is seriously downsized, but I’d really like to get myself a few more! Dresses can be extremely flattering, so I’d be plain stupid not to wear any. Note to self: find cool dresses that fit the minimalist vibe you’re in. Any tips by the way?


Discover more inspiration for my personal style goals spring 2015 and aw 2014 on Pinterest! What are your style goals for this year? Or are you more of an impulsive buyer? I’m really curious, let me know!

And another cool fact to end this post: I’m currently the Guest Editor at Belmodo! Go check out what keeps me busy besides watching stupid YouTube vids and sweating my ass off at the gym. Hope you like my posts 🙂 Happy Tuesday!