New Antwerp lunch hotspot: Bite Me by Barnini

One of the reasons why I love living in Antwerp is that there are so many great food and coffee options. And this week a brand new one just opened its doors! I obviously stopped by for a little test so I can share this fresh tip with you guys. The perfect recommendation for a long, hot weekend!

So, the place is called Bite Me by Barnini, and is indeed a third breakfast/lunch/coffee option of the Barnini and Kaffeenini group! You can find it only a few meters from Barnini at Oude Vaartplaats. A great move if you ask me, since Barnini is usually completely full at noon. Owners Annick and her mom did a great job decorating this new beauty, and the menu looked equally promising!

Barnini and Kaffeenini are known for its glorious bagels, but Bite Me took a different direction. Here you can find yummy breakfast, salads and toasts, you can even put together your own salad at the salad bar. I got the avocado toast with poached egg, watermelon water and an iced cappuccino, while the boyfriend opted for a citron chicken salad with spinach and quinoa, a homemade ice tea and a cappuccino roma. So good!

With a terrace that is sun-drenched at noon, I’d recommend you’d make a little stop for lunch soon!