Goodmorning! I’m squeezing in a tiiiiiiny bit of time to write a blog post for you guys while I eat my porridge breakfast. Getting up early isn’t one of my habits during exams (I’m real evening student) but since my next one is on Tuesday already I definitely could use some extra hours.
About the outfit then – my last holidays-inspired one! Although this outfit was shot on a sunny December afternoon, I really wouldn’t mind wearing this right now. Pulling of a home plaid, a Christmas jumper AND a pair of UGGs is everything a self-respecting student can dream of, right? My thoughts exactly. By absence of a decent (non-acrylic) cape/poncho I thought this beautiful plaid would do the job.

Unfortunately I don’t have much time today, but I’d like to thank you for your empowering comments in my last post! I can’t wait to start sharing more peeks into my life and personal opinions this year, but bare with me this week until my exams are over. That’s it for today guys, see you soon!

SCAPA HOME c/o plaid ∙ HUDSON c/o denim ∙ NEW LOOK c/o Christmas jumper . H&M beanie ∙ CHLOE bag ∙ OSCAR WYLEE c/o sunglasses ∙ UGG AUSTRALIA c/o boots

Photos by Wannes Riemis. 
Editing by me.