Early morning outfit picking

…usually results in a look like this! It might be not very inspiring, but that’s how I currently feel! I’ve been living in sweatpants for three weeks straight and now that my exams are finally over (since yesterday!) I’m a bit confused about actually wearing clothes. Also: social conversation. I went to a small event yesterday and felt SO awkward having actual small talks with actual people and being back in actual society! I guess I still have to adapt to the non-study-cave life where people do most definitely notice when you haven’t washed your hair in over ten days.

Anywayyy, I think I’m gonna take another extra long nap to recover from yesterday’s exam, and let’s hope my next story will make a lot more sense! Have a great weekend everyone!


ZARA cashmere sweater ∙ VINTAGE shorts ∙ PINKO c/o coat ∙ LIKEMARY c/o scarf. H&M belt ∙ CONVERSE sneakers ∙ MICHAEL KORS c/o bag via Zalando

Photos by Elien Migalski
Editing by me